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CFA Level II Forum

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Why is Qbank useless for Level II? releasets 10 Wendy3 years ago
why is required return on equity more sensitive to changes in leverage? akrushn2 8 akrushn21 year ago
why is the binomial tree valuation different under the derivatives section vs. fixed income section keep_running 4 S2000magician1 year ago
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Why is the CAL line bent? pmond 6 Hanna6 years ago
Why is the movement in a binomial tree 50% up or down? iceshift 11 S2000magician5 months ago
Why is the Slope of SML the market risk premium and not BETA? lockheed10023 3 CMLSML6 years ago
Why is there negative covariance between future bond price and intertemporal rate of substitition? iceman_1212 2 iceman_12123 months ago
Why is there no backwardation or contango in the forwards chapter? Just the futures? pmond 1 S6664 years ago
Why is there no change in curvature stuartbale1 stuartbale11 year ago
Why is there no Cumulative Translation Adjustment (CTA) in the Temporal method? sharadkapoor 1 S2000magician1 year ago
Why is this "inconsistent with CFA research objectivity?" CFA.Rhythm 1 bpdulog9 years ago
why is this a violation of fiduciary duty and not priority of transactions? pmond 4 pmond5 years ago
why is this not ok under mosaic theory? willispierre 10 adavydov710 years ago
Why is this not risk budgeting? imthekingoftheworld 1 saurabh031219921 year ago
Why is this so? the show NY 4 willispierre10 years ago
Why is this statement wrong? Convexity rexthedog 1 saurabhm3 years ago
WHY is this statment wrong? mambovipi 6 job711889 years ago
Why is this the formula (FP -FPt)(contract size)/(1 + (rate*(days/360)) where we multiply by days/360 instead of TO THE POWER levfings 2 levfings6 years ago
why is wacc less sensitive to leverage changes? tenten 7 Investor839 years ago
Why isn't anyone discussing Derivatives? Usif 12 cfa_b'more11 years ago
Why isn't cash subtracted to get Equity Value given FCFF? releasets 1 Dcon233 years ago
Why isn't past service expense considered operating expense under GAAP? iceshift 1 Sagacious4 months ago
Why isn't the CFAI curriculum enough? JClarke 4 edmund_lord11 years ago
Why isnt L2 offered twice a year? thefork 10 Clark_CFA_Candidate6 years ago
Why L2 is harder than L1 trimonious2 17 tozerrt8 years ago