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CFA Level II Forum

Topic Started by Replies Activity
cfa void aquabu 5 aquabu
Ethics oldmonk 36 nyccfa2010
Good news after the exam zizoubleu 13 imcrnhlio1
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AM or PM harder leveltwo 38 nirjraina
Level 2 Retakers - June 2009 chad17 26 akinzo
Enough time to finish the exam? guilleku1 16 gangrel
Vancouver Sun: CFA designation no guarantee of quality spartanmba 7 pacmandefense
2010 L I/II/II links on CFAI showing now chowder 53 itera
unbelievable!!! sop123 37 dub
Still waiting for level 2 results, so leave us alone ! erobak 17 bpdulog
Many changes for 2010 Level 2? bid_offer_shark 10 sumz
Between June 6th and now... BrokenSocialScene 10 bos_IT_guy
Good luck everyone! TheAliMan 30 Raje
2009 Official Result posting thread chiank123 273 starfish2009
****************** Post your official CFA Level-2 June-2009 results here ****************** dinesh.sundrani 20 hiredguns1
Failed for the 2nd time hplee 58 pimpineasy
a guide-how to pass level 2 Superstar111 53 mikehotel86
Check ur progress thread. One 100 AstuteInvestor
Schweser videos anupamjain008 20 jackofalltrades
Anyone just getting started? EdgeJr 40 jlive1975
Equations we are highly unlikely to have to use holland8503 19 therock2201
Anyone else waiting till December marks come out before starting LII for June? TILT 11 TILT
Can L2 ne done in 4 months..???? varundarji 32 CFAMaven
Studying only from Schweser, anyone? d0pa 26 vijayvalecha
Those who passed level I ShintreH 25 SFR