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CFA Level II Forum

Topic Started by Replies Activity
Re-Takers, Surprises From Last Year cre_analyst 6 bos_IT_guy
Ethics 2 kochunni69 13 CFABLACKBELT
Ethics 3 kochunni69 5 kochunni69
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Calculating Price of an FRA green360 10 kalo1
cfa mock exam am session scores SkipE99 3 urymoto
mock exam vs real exam deltatrader 3 supersharpshooter
More than one mock exam on CFA website? CFAandtheCity 4 coolwalsky
Don't fck with the CFAI QuantJock_MBA 21 Bradleyz
How do i access the free CFAI mock? chankie888 5 pimpineasy
sigh. borderline newsuper 15 f2d
L2 Formula thread - No explanations required. pepp 38 soddy1979
Mock vs. Samples Shabadoo1 7 amrcd1
scale 1-10 on difficult level SkipE99 53 dlpicket
Retakers - Was this harder than 2008? topher 14 golfer
lots of level 1 topics in FSA? adalfu 15 cjones65
Confidence in passing supersharpshooter 20 manavecplan
How many of your answers were blind guesses ? sidd 43 yorock
CFAI - why the exam was made so tricky? chowder 20 putoption
Test # tsttse 14 gangrel
cfa void aquabu 5 aquabu
Ethics oldmonk 36 nyccfa2010
Good news after the exam zizoubleu 13 imcrnhlio1
AM or PM harder leveltwo 38 nirjraina
Level 2 Retakers - June 2009 chad17 26 akinzo
Enough time to finish the exam? guilleku1 16 gangrel