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CFA Level II Forum

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Value 3x9 FRA foshizzle 5 Tuchsford1 month ago
Risk Free Rate for Multi Factor Models vs Build Up Models oryan5000 4 rgk1 month ago
CFA MOCKS Jack Law 6 rgk1 month ago
"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success... really keeps me motivated and charging ahead." - Lindsey G., USA
Signing off.. Iprofit4sure 6 saurabh031219921 month ago
Straddle: max gain & max loss nobody123 2 rgk1 month ago
ROS mheithy 2 mheithy1 month ago
300 hours vs. kaplan exam keep_running 2 sinep1 month ago
Change in steepness and level fixed income nokia 7 unkindledash1 month ago
Ibbotsen Chen Equity risk premium TeeKay 5 ValueMaven1 month ago
Cash and Stock Merger Offer Jack Law Jack Law1 month ago
Regulatory Economics jad 1 jad1 month ago
Level II 11th Hour - Wiley ValueMaven 2 ValueMaven1 month ago
MVA in Corporate Finance and Equity hmousa 2 hmousa1 month ago
How much to study today thru friday keep_running 9 sig1 month ago
Multinational Operations-Depreciating currency carolinesherif 6 Iprofit4sure1 month ago
Equity Method-Dividends carolinesherif 3 Tactics1 month ago
Can anyone recommend a good mock exam? Nathansface 1 Appro1 month ago
LOS 42.j schweser Long Call option with short Put option nokia 12 Tuchsford1 month ago
Indemnification Asset smujtaba 2 Iprofit4sure1 month ago
Why does value of embedded put option rise when interest rates rise? Analyst11 5 Tuchsford1 month ago
Intercompany transaction in Acquisition (Combination) method margarinet 3 Tactics1 month ago
Adjusted cash flows - pension Jolie 1 Tactics1 month ago
Last day that you're going to study? MRL 24 Tactics1 month ago
Ethics - performance presentation unkieroy1989 1 Mind The GAAP1 month ago
Ethics - Research Objectivity Bezad_D 10 Mind The GAAP1 month ago