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CFA Level II Forum

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I've hit a wall and think I am screwed for this exam zimzim78 31 Turkish11 years ago
Trying to break the record this weekend... zimzim78 143 cpk123
ERAT and Recaptured Depreciation...WTF? zimzim78 7 zimzim7811 years ago
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Ethics Questions From CFAI 2006 Exam zimzim78 1 ruckmani11 years ago
GREAT night in Quant...just one question zimzim78 12 chadtap11 years ago
Exam questions from previous years in CFAI text zimzim78 15 zimzim7811 years ago
WTF am I doing up? zimzim78 16 bannisja11 years ago
Okay, 7 is working me out! zimzim78 55 cfasf111 years ago
DTL - do I have this right? zimzim78 2 zimzim7811 years ago
Book 7 #1AM Answer Key zimzim78 1 whitestonepdx11 years ago
Brutal day...getting F'd at work, and not in the good sense of the verb zimzim78 11 Wa_Wa11 years ago
Bond Q - Unrelated to Exam zimzim78 10 Smarshy11 years ago
Could today/this weekend get any more shite for me? zimzim78 10 Zombie7111 years ago
Holy hell...I think this about sums it up zimzim78 8 zimzim7811 years ago
I'm having a breakdown zimzim78 26 zimzim7811 years ago
Scorpion says "LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!" zimzim78 zimzim7811 years ago much for sleeping zimzim78 6 zimzim7811 years ago
We're about ready to ROCK STEADY! zimzim78 12 budfox42711 years ago
Happy Canada Day... zimzim78 4 uejjap11 years ago
Who the f*ck are all these people... zimzim78 52 amjf088
2 FX Theories Contradicting Each Other? Zigzag 3 S2000magician3 years ago
Ethics from Schweser or Curriculum? Zigzag 5 Zigzag3 years ago
Are CFAI Mock Exam questions taken from topic tests? Zigzag 5 Zigzag3 years ago
10 Days Left - which source to practice from? Zigzag 3 cfaretaker3 years ago
Does getting >70% on all subjects indicates anything? Zigzag 35 300hoursoverand...3 years ago