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CFA Level II Forum

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Single representative Account tarun 3 tarun3 weeks ago
Equity Valuation Methods and Inferences avmachado 2 iceman_12123 weeks ago
Rate Parity ekezz33 2 ekezz333 weeks ago
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duration for floating rate lower because.... bananass 9 S2000magician3 weeks ago
fixed Income Sagar tikyani Sagar tikyani3 weeks ago
Downstream and upstream sale adjustments neptunhiker 4 takeo8083 weeks ago
When to use current vs temporal – does IFRS / GAAP impact this decision? CFA5ever 6 igor5553 weeks ago
FRA payoff Julio77 1 takeo8083 weeks ago
Need CFA 2 kaplan 2019 books KomalDS 2 dasstienn3 weeks ago
Residual Income shah747 1 takeo8083 weeks ago
What does the policy rate mean? iceshift 3 CMLSML3 weeks ago
TNOCF Eason 1 S2000magician3 weeks ago
Do i need to buy entire package of each provider to get access to mock exams geranimo75 3 sydneyguy3 weeks ago
Do we have to memorize the critical t-values table or will it be given on the test? kingaxelrod 1 S2000magician4 weeks ago
Equity Method akshitf5 1 S2000magician4 weeks ago
What is the difference between Marking to Market a Forward, and calculating the value of a Forward to a long/short? levfings 13 takeo8084 weeks ago
Hannes Messer Case imthekingoftheworld 1 takeo8084 weeks ago
Layer Method Tom27B 1 takeo8084 weeks ago
Call Replicating Portfolio Tom27B 2 takeo8084 weeks ago
Asking for CFA level II Previous years printable mock test anhnguyen912 1 S2000magician4 weeks ago
Is it normal I am so slow at studying the curriculum? perfectionista 5 RickSanchez4 weeks ago
Anyone can help regarding the foriegn exchange translation problems in FRA Jacoblu 3 S2000magician4 weeks ago
CFAI online book Postemployement compensations... (reading 15) EOC Q7 RickSanchez 1 takeo8084 weeks ago
Mark to Market Hanuman 1 Hanuman1 month ago
Can someone borrow me $300 to buy Schweser's QBank? dasstienn 4 Imagineer1 month ago