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CFA Level II Forum

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Conflicting information in regard to volatility and stock option grants. MikeHams 4 MikeHams3 weeks ago
R&D adjustment vrodzub 4 vrodzub3 weeks ago
CFA Level II 2017 Mock Exam PM - Q52 Rolling Forward yx5353 yx53533 weeks ago
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Acquisition method, Equity composition Chi Mai 2 TomRiddle3 weeks ago
FRA Topic test - Langer Jolie 10 castintosea3 weeks ago
Quantitative methods firefirehelphelp firefirehelphelp3 weeks ago
Calculation of FCFE EdmundLaw 4 EdmundLaw3 weeks ago
Investment in Associate Chi Mai 1 castintosea3 weeks ago
Project Investment. Depreciation Thammer 3 castintosea3 weeks ago
Thames Air pie case - CFAI mock q19 CFA Nymph 2 CFA Nymph3 weeks ago
Equity Topic Test, Vitality Tommyjohn 4 Nora3 weeks ago
Dividends and Futures Contract MooseNoir724 3 roger0093 weeks ago
WACC THEORY - MV & BV INCOMPLETE INFO naviscortes 3 naviscortes3 weeks ago
CFA Level II 2017 Mock PM - Q40 on Binomial Interest Rate Tree yx5353 3 yx53533 weeks ago
Put Call Parity Frankliving 2 Frankliving3 weeks ago
Equity method Income and Investment Chi Mai Chi Mai3 weeks ago
Schweizer 2017 Exams - 2nd set - Morning Session 2 - question 2 Renewables_CFA 2 ejs1903 weeks ago
Income statement: Depreciation -> COGS FrankCFA 5 S2000magician3 weeks ago
Multinational operations - Hyperinflationary nguyenquyet 7 margarinet3 weeks ago
Goodwill and Impairment Chi Mai 2 mkipa13 weeks ago
Why non-controlling interest is added to equity playstan211 1 GiveMeMyLife3 weeks ago
Discrepancy b/w Schweser mock scores & CFAI mock score studyfusrodah 23 eatsushi3 weeks ago
Private real estate - Utility expenses goodluck90 2 Edbert3 weeks ago
Portfolio Management ValueMaven 3 Ejreilly3 weeks ago
Real Exam SpeedyExpress 17 goodluck903 weeks ago