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CFA Level II Forum

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Floating Rate Note bin_english 6 Sagacious2 weeks ago
"Retirement Benefits Paid" - meaning? + long term rate of return does not impact benefit obligation? CFA5ever 1 Sagacious2 weeks ago
Difference between N(d1) and N(d2) coritani 4 Wal-E3 weeks ago
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Basic economics exchange rate question Analyst11 1 Julio773 weeks ago
OAS Callable Bond vs OAS Straight bond JPEREZAR 3 S2000magician3 weeks ago
Why do CDSs have coupon rates? iceshift 3 S2000magician3 weeks ago
Review Strategy snfuenza 11 Julio773 weeks ago
Equity Forward Valuation question from CFAI EOC MarsRover MarsRover3 weeks ago
Analysis of active portfolio management example 3 dishantgakhar 2 dishantgakhar3 weeks ago
Differencing time series ianmurray_ ianmurray_3 weeks ago
Enhanced CAPM / Modified CAPM / Buildup Approach 125mph 4 tarun3 weeks ago
Leverage ratios in Intercorporate investments 27 tarun3 weeks ago
Current Ratio in Acquisition Method tarun 4 tarun3 weeks ago
2019 CFA official mock exam eminempu 3 alimdesk3 weeks ago
Practice kritihh 1 mdlynch33 weeks ago
Derivatives kritihh kritihh3 weeks ago
High-Yield Practice from the Curriculum for Quantitative Methods Arif Irfanullah Arif Irfanullah3 weeks ago
Book Value/BVPS ddo916 ddo9163 weeks ago
Is a large discrepancy btw Schweser 2018 and 2019, topic FRA? haiquang 1 Julio773 weeks ago
Quant: residuals v. independent variables AtticusFinch03 3 AtticusFinch033 weeks ago
Inter-Temporal rate of substitution Hanuman 1 studyguy183 weeks ago
so i haven't begun studying at all. is there still hope? surs 3 dasstienn3 weeks ago
CFAI mock PM question 18 Analyst11 2 JPEREZAR3 weeks ago
Why is there negative covariance between future bond price and intertemporal rate of substitition? iceman_1212 1 JPEREZAR3 weeks ago
2020 L2 Prep aahmed 3 AyrshireAnalyst3 weeks ago