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CFA Level II Forum

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Ommission Error keep_running 3 tickersu2 months ago
Consequences of Regression Assumption Violation moxnguyen 1 tickersu2 months ago
Spurious correlation FloFromParis 3 tickersu2 months ago
"so much better than the other CFA prep courses." - Matt B., USA
Reading 10 EOC Questions 3 & 4 captiandeadpool 2 captiandeadpool2 months ago
No Topic Tests on CFAI website Tishey 3 Tishey2 months ago
Schweser Early Bird in October? n1_GQ 2 n1_GQ2 months ago
Band 9, the unlucky band ramankalra30 6 sydneyguy2 months ago
Derivatives equivalencies FloFromParis 2 FloFromParis2 months ago
Covarance Stationary moxnguyen 2 moxnguyen3 months ago
December then June.. manstey 28 MikeHams3 months ago
L2 Fail Shock Mere052016 18 jiaqian.he3 months ago
Those who passed Level 2 Jolie 10 Target18months3 months ago
I BARELY passed CFA L2 loong j 2 loong j3 months ago
AR Mean reversion level keep_running 2 Harrogath3 months ago
Forward contract value keep_running 5 Nenorr3 months ago
simulation using constraints keep_running 1 S2000magician3 months ago
Bad Consumption Hedge kingqiqi0808 2 kingqiqi08083 months ago
how to calculate covered interest arbritrage gautamb17 11 FloFromParis3 months ago
Currency swap FloFromParis 4 FloFromParis3 months ago
Corporate Finance M&A doubt on P/E Gram Gram3 months ago
Failed Level II Labossi 18 Tactics3 months ago
Duration of a floating rate note FloFromParis 4 FloFromParis3 months ago
June 2018 Exam Date scottgbab8 19 Jolie3 months ago
Autoregressive vs. trend model keep_running 3 keep_running3 months ago
Bootstrapping Effect - M&A Gram 1 Gram3 months ago