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CFA Level II Forum

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Hedging pressure hypothesis vs. theory of storage keep_running 1 tsv2 weeks ago
Hannes Messer Case imthekingoftheworld 3 tarun2 weeks ago
Basel III Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capital Thin_Blue_Chip 1 Julio772 weeks ago
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Doubt about 2- tailed t statistic test Amaira 4 tickersu2 weeks ago
Change in schweser notes over years haiquang 1 dazman2 weeks ago
calender spread, capture time value dotadude dotadude2 weeks ago
Review videos? kritihh 2 Julio772 weeks ago
Inter temporal rate of substitution vs. Volatility of GDP growth yshah yshah2 weeks ago
Difference between net assets & identifiable net assets? sharadkapoor 1 iceman_12122 weeks ago
Do we need to score well in all the 10 topics of the exam or a good aggregate score is enough?? Aakansha 4 dassio452 weeks ago
Kaplan Schweser - Practice Exam 1 Book dassio45 2 dassio452 weeks ago
Triangular Arbitrage Confusion PinkertonBarb 6 totoro2 weeks ago
Arbitrage opportunity Only5mia 2 Luisjgs002 weeks ago
Revision Strategy? RocketSpeed 2 dasstienn2 weeks ago
Total Pension expense Sagacious 3 EphemeralEternal2 weeks ago
doubt in fra question georgekv14 5 iceman_12122 weeks ago
Inflation gap and exchange rates YasminNosair 2 YasminNosair2 weeks ago
What is management fees calculated upon? sharadkapoor 8 Voyager32 weeks ago
Callable bonds lamisse 2 lamisse2 weeks ago
Periodic Pension Expense In P&L and Total Periodic Pension Cost Jumanji 11 Taycfa2 weeks ago
Is there a ceiling for net plan assets!! carolinesherif 4 Tez47152 weeks ago
Hard questions Taycfa 5 Taycfa2 weeks ago
Swaps - Upfront Premium. Cash Flow or Not? Thammer 4 S2000magician2 weeks ago
Kaplan Schweser Mock Difficulty ChrisNan 4 EphemeralEternal2 weeks ago
Hurdle Rates - Carried Interest mdlynch3 4 mdlynch32 weeks ago