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CFA Level II Forum

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Change in Assets after cash purchase of Investment Associate Matt86 3 Matt863 weeks ago
Shape of yield curve garykong18 3 garykong183 weeks ago
Debt to equity and debt to assets shorey 1 Edbert3 weeks ago
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What is Expectations approach to option valuation in Derivatives? na_27 1 Edbert3 weeks ago
Residual income model - tangible and intangible asset PierreCFA 9 roebftb3 weeks ago
Equity Swaps and change in CFA Curriculum GAAPIFRS 4 taytus3 weeks ago
EBIT Margin = EBIT / Asset? Mercutio 6 roebftb3 weeks ago
Urgent - Yield curve flattening on callable/putable bonds CJAWZ 2 roebftb3 weeks ago
Depreciation on FV-BV of Assets for acquisition method (as compared to equity method) Mercutio 1 Thammer3 weeks ago
How many mocks will you have completed by 4th June? Batman1 25 ejs1903 weeks ago
3 days to go goodluck90 2 naivetrader3 weeks ago
Riding the yield curve, anybody? Chi Mai 4 Chi Mai3 weeks ago
Interest rate and duration relationship firefirehelphelp 1 Edbert3 weeks ago
Hard Candy naivetrader 2 naivetrader3 weeks ago
What time will you be at the exam site? lizihengtotti 6 Edbert3 weeks ago
How are my scores? weighingmachine 2 Iprofit4sure3 weeks ago
CFAI AM mock Q#59 - Error in Key studyfusrodah 2 hmm3 weeks ago
Derivatives Relationships - Long IR Calls & Short IR Puts = please help me make connections Mattyj7183 1 Edbert3 weeks ago
Parisi Topic Test Halftime 1 Halftime3 weeks ago
Long term or short term government bond yield used in equity risk premium calculation? firasmerhi 5 roger0093 weeks ago
Ethics questions on Mock roger009 3 roger0093 weeks ago
Do I have a chance with these scores? Chi Mai 15 DPBass883 weeks ago
CFAI Mock Scores ejs190 46 studyfusrodah3 weeks ago
Kaplan Mocks - Losing Hope bceagle21 5 bceagle213 weeks ago
PM Mock Garfield Case [Quant] steve11 1 Shark1013 weeks ago