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CFA Level II Forum

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Markus Eriksson ashleytawanda 3 Iprofit4sure2 months ago
Confused about future value calculation iamprashant 4 S2000magician2 months ago
OAS for putable bond moxnguyen 3 moxnguyen2 months ago
"Wiley's prep material was a huge part of my success... really keeps me motivated and charging ahead." - Lindsey G., USA
currency appreciation/depreciation chouk07 2 S2000magician2 months ago
Equity vs. Acquisition mheithy 5 mheithy2 months ago
Nominal vs real rates for FCFE carolinesherif 3 saurabh031219922 months ago
Beneficial Ownership-going crazy carolinesherif 5 125mph2 months ago
financial reporting tsv 1 ValueMaven2 months ago
ARCH process keep_running 2 Gigaloo2 months ago
Reading comprehension Epsilon Epsilon2 months ago
My Candid Advice Iprofit4sure 7 egynoob2 months ago
ROIC - which formula to use? yyzz yyzz2 months ago
contradiction in share repurchase georgekv14 1 Nukular2 months ago
confusing q on valuing forward rate contracts in the derivatives practice. akrushn2 1 Nukular2 months ago
IRS - Value of Fixed Rate Side stanziolap 2 Nukular2 months ago
Option delta and gamma NoIntrinsicValue 1 Nukular2 months ago
Multistage Residual Income Model - Persistence Factor (Need Clarification) DemolitionX 1 Nukular2 months ago
Expense vs capitalising for residual income model elfship 1 jyho2 months ago
Macroeconomic Factors Steinerja29 1 S2000magician2 months ago
Ethics [Guideline vs Recommended] Rayquaza Rayquaza2 months ago
WTH is Pairwise Correlations? Q47 CFAI 2017 AM Mock N.VanCandidate 1 S2000magician2 months ago
relation between minority interest and the goodwill calculated keep_running 18 S2000magician2 months ago
Read full vignette or read it by questions? elfship 7 DemolitionX2 months ago
taylors rule akrushn2 36 thinkwiseandact2 months ago
ROS summary / key questions Analyst11 Analyst112 months ago