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CFA Level II Forum

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Translation methods: which historical rate to use? iceshift iceshift2 months ago
Winters AM - Binomial IR tree question SL_CFA 3 SL_CFA2 months ago
CFAI Mock Scores ejs190 55 matt1232 months ago
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Previous Mock Exams? (2018/ 2017 / 2016) dtveli04 dtveli042 months ago
DDM share valuation iceshift 2 iceshift2 months ago
Difficulty of CFA Mocks jb63 5 THE_REAL_Black_...2 months ago
Best advise to save time in the exam... Pacheckio 4 THE_REAL_Black_...2 months ago
Independent practice sfagan 6 Codtrawler872 months ago
CFA MM Mock Exam 1 Q14: Econs: Contribution of technological productivity myn_gcc 1 EphemeralEternal2 months ago
Difference between long a put and short a call stuartbale1 6 EphemeralEternal2 months ago
call option value positively or negatively related to Interest rates? hassan.mahfooz 14 asharoyan2 months ago
Ethics Taycfa 8 Taycfa2 months ago
question on Practice Program No. 8 of Reading 19 fujiawu 2 fujiawu2 months ago
CFA Society Boston Mock Exam unkieroy1989 22 bum-buga2 months ago
Anyone tried schweser live mock last weekend? imthekingoftheworld 1 ttlurks2 months ago
How Should I spend my last two week? AtticusFinch03 3 studyguy182 months ago
Carry benefits on Equity Forward ... CFA Mock #1A Question 47 financialanalyst1993 1 iceman_12122 months ago
Discrepancy in TT vs. LOS Objective? JSimpson JSimpson2 months ago
CDS Upfront Premium Taycfa 5 Taycfa2 months ago
KaplanSchweser - Live CFA L2 mock exam, any thoughts? S916N 8 EL_VISTIMA2 months ago
Hyperinflation - How to restate Beginning Retained Earning and Dividend? Rockstar27 Rockstar272 months ago
Clarifying required return of equity vs. WACC concepts iceshift 2 iceshift2 months ago
conveneience yield and futures keep_running 5 qcw5122 months ago
Convenience Yield doobsmeister 20 qcw5122 months ago
Inventory Level & Convenience Yield olajideanuoluwa001 9 qcw5122 months ago