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Futures vs Forwards, underlying is negatively correlated to interest rate sig 2 sig6 days ago
EOC vs. practice problems from exams keep_running 2 125mph6 days ago
How to account for capital stock under acquisition method? KPON123 2 snizel6 days ago
"indispensable down the final stretch and had a HUGE impact on my studies." - Christopher, USA
what section is levered/unlevered beta in? keep_running 3 Appro6 days ago
Non controlling interest in calculation of EV (Enterprise Value) sharadkapoor 1 saurabh031219926 days ago
Debt-to-Equity Ratio / Barbara Carlyle Case CFAI Topic Test Codtrawler87 Codtrawler876 days ago
structural form vs. reduced form model keep_running 3 matt1236 days ago
residual income akrushn2 akrushn26 days ago
Annualizing FRA that's already annualized? Matt86 3 Matt866 days ago
PM - higher growth rates in earnings for cyclical companies coming out of a recession moxnguyen moxnguyen6 days ago
Vintage year - first drawdown or when all drawdowns are completed nokia 2 nokia6 days ago
Private equity firm leverages its own balance sheet or portfolio comapny's nokia 2 nokia6 days ago
Interest and dividends recorded for Fair and avaliable for sale keep_running 4 nokia6 days ago
Binomial Tree Probability carolinesherif 13 carolinesherif6 days ago
Marginal utility and future payoff carolinesherif 1 carolinesherif6 days ago
Economics: Mundel Fleming Model, Pure Monetary Model, Dornbusch Overshooting model Portfolio balance approach Rayquaza Rayquaza6 days ago
target dividend ratio/current payout ratio. akrushn2 4 125mph6 days ago
Ethics-CAFI Exam A carolinesherif 1 Iprofit4sure1 week ago
Option Values and Interest Rates wolfpacker88 3 wolfpacker881 week ago
Need some help on PM mheithy 6 Iprofit4sure1 week ago
FRAs Steinerja29 8 cadr931 week ago
Bear spread maximum loss carolinesherif 3 S2000magician1 week ago
Implied volatility vs stock Volatility carolinesherif 2 AdaptPrep1 week ago
Why do callable bonds have more upside potential than putable bonds given rise in interest rates? keep_running 5 mheithy1 week ago
Odds that Ethics Maxes out? 125mph 5 Iprofit4sure1 week ago