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CFA Level II Forum

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What are you doing with your time off? hbeytollah 43 jasdev3 months ago
Mean reversion of the state of mind LouterMattheus 10 Tommyjohn3 months ago
I noticed something very suspicious comp_sci_kid 6 Gergely3 months ago
Drill all the fundamentals with Wiley's CFA experts Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf and others.
When are the results usually released for level 2? TrustTheProcess 3 sydneyguy3 months ago
Retakers salt1993 35 Margin_Call3 months ago
Risk-neutral probability FloFromParis 7 S2000magician3 months ago
Form Number of exam book and answer sheet megatron 4 Nenorr3 months ago
Ethics - please tell me how to study it Moosey 20 Deal_Clincher3 months ago
ommitting an independent variable Moosey 13 tickersu3 months ago
4 years since passing L1 birdec 4 NANA Hachiko3 months ago
2017 CFA 2 exam Econ mysterious guy 9 mysterious guy3 months ago
Question about degree requirement for CFA II mazloom1994 4 ndlong13 months ago
Probability of passing CFA exam - Googlesheet version PierreCFA 10 yesofcourse3 months ago
Strategy on highly weighted areas versus less weighted areas in L2 exam vn_shankar1 11 NANA Hachiko3 months ago
For busy working professionals who wrote Level 2 exam vn_shankar1 23 Secyh623 months ago
Those who wrote L2 exam -quantitative versus qualitative questions vn_shankar1 5 vn_shankar13 months ago
NPV, DCF valuation cnacpatrick 12 Candidcam3 months ago
Ytm considering fees relating to Bond issue FloFromParis FloFromParis3 months ago
MPS regarding Gauthamvm 8 arbguy3 months ago
Road to Level II Mr RS 19 Iprofit4sure3 months ago
Anyone receive email from CFAI : Building on History? teddybk 3 Black8Mamba233 months ago
Available for Sale vs. Held for Trading studyguy18 5 lumscx3 months ago
CDS spread and price Only5mia 5 lumscx3 months ago
A Lot of Empty Seats... hbeytollah 17 THE_REAL_Black_...3 months ago
Those who studied mainly from Schweser material vn_shankar1 19 THE_REAL_Black_...3 months ago