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CFA Level II Forum

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CFA Level II Syllabus Changes 2019 fino_abama 2 fino_abama4 months ago
Renew membership mail ramankalra30 ramankalra304 months ago
When to check the results email TrackSuitInvestor 23 125mph4 months ago
"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada
Peer pressure to pass the exam TrackSuitInvestor 6 Tactics4 months ago
PCP Violation nofreelunch 4 olajideanuoluwa0014 months ago
Post exam feelings Rahul1999 13 Harshdv4 months ago
Reading Schweser or CFAI text after listening to Mark Meldrum's lectures? stuartbale1 14 S2000magician4 months ago
results date email georgekv14 42 rsparks4 months ago
If you failed... Iprofit4sure 3 Iprofit4sure4 months ago
Finally ashleytawanda 9 Tactics4 months ago
Amortization of set up costs sharadkapoor sharadkapoor4 months ago
Important Information about Your ... 125mph 1 alcor4 months ago
Podcast covering all LOS mountainblue_cfa 4 mountainblue_cfa4 months ago
Excited about spending another $1000 for a test? 125mph 15 Credit_Default4 months ago
dropping the bomb? Yeolmae 2 Funny Girl4 months ago
Result date emails? hshmchdry 4 Funny Girl4 months ago
pricing and valuation of floating rate bond mianmian2 1 HemiWeAte4 months ago
Did you pass? 125mph 172 Sweep the Leg4 months ago
When can we expect the results for the CFA Exam? macron 48 SwaptionMan4 months ago
Writing The Exam As A Lefty - Fear Of PCP Violation DemolitionX DemolitionX4 months ago
CFA Institute website update IVC 5 VWJETTY4 months ago
making a comeback? AUTIGER 29 CEO10K-DAY4 months ago
REIT capital gains taxation sharadkapoor 6 sydneyguy4 months ago
Can I be charged for violation? Raul_CFA@ASP 13 Rickzzz4 months ago
What is your percentile rank on CFAI question bank? Equityhacker 5 Sweep the Leg4 months ago