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My L3 Notes Thus Far.

While these notes are awesome, i was wondering if there has been any updates made to these?

I received the notes in Dec 2017, if there are any updates kindly send it to 

Thanks in advance!

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If anyone could send the notes to me at, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for putting those notes together!

Would also be very grateful.

Thanks a million

Extremely appreciative of this .. I can’t access the link. Would you mind sharing via email?

Good luck ya’ll!

I would be extremely grateful for these notes if anyone could kindly send them to


I would be really grateful if you could send it on I’ve been pretty lazy with making notes this year so this would really help!! 


I’d be so grateful if you could send me a copy of your notes:

I’ve been forced to travel for work this last year and could really use your help to finally get the charter.

Thank you for the great work,


Hi mates,

Has anyone received these notes? I would like them also. My e-mail is

I guess it would be easier from someone already having them to create a link that we can download.

Hi dymke09,

I would also appreciate it if you can send me your notes. email:

Thank you.