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Applying for the charter

When are you going to start?

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Done and approved back in April (work exp and references), pending my activation (i.e. institute and local society fee payment). I hope I haven’t jinxed my L3 results by doing so indecisioncool

so did i last year i guess jinxed ending up in band 10 ;)

nah, man, relax these two thing are independent => zero correl. so just enjoy your summer and good luck on 8/8/17

Mine was approved last year.

Divided We Stand...

BEST OF LUCK everyone! it’s so exciting, enjoy this moment you will miss it later!


Got approved last year, failed.  Hope the Jinx runs out after 1 year….

If I apply for membership, can I simply wait til I get the results to pay the dues, so that I don’t pay in the event of a fail? Thinking about getting the recommendations done and applying soon, but unsure how it works.

First you should apply for membership. Second, wait for approval. Third, you should fill personal conduct statement and pay membership to become a regular member. Whole process can take for a couple of weeks. I don’t know what would happen if you finish first and second stage and then delay payment for one year if you fail an exam.

Divided We Stand...

hi Guys,

Can somebody guide me on this- where do we need to apply the references and membership please?


There is a link on your CFA portal account. Click and follow instruction. You should apply for regular membership.

Divided We Stand...

Thanks flashback 

Does anyone know what format should the reference be? Anything specific or very high level?

I am a computer and electronic engineer, never work in finance. Can i use my semiconductor industry experience to apply for charter?

how long does it take to be approved, I just filled in mine and submitted for approval today.


Took me almost a month to get approved