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the worst part of failing level 3

Band 8 2015, Band 9 2016.,.,.,.„.2017 please no more Band. Just a simple word with 4 letters, PASS. Worked really hard over the years. Studied the wrong way in 2015 as I completely ignored the CFAI books. 2016 had so much personal issues, was not ready mentally.

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^^ that’s tough man.. retaking is brutal

moh4 and you PASS Congratulations you passed Level III! Really hope you made it man. For me personally, it’s like crusade so it;s not gonna make much of a difference. I already got my dream job.\

Oh man really hope so. It would be a dream come true for me. Best of luck to you too,

Moh4 will you mind sharing the different experience between 2015-2017.. how was your prep/ did you leave questions blank on AM.. estimated scores?


AM: Really Bad AM. Left 2 questions blank and wasn’t that sure with my answers.

PM: Average PM. Not the worst but not enough to pass.

I studied fully from Schweser and did CFA past exams and mocks but I guess wasn’t enough.


AM: Average AM. Left 1 question blank. Was feeling a lot better than 2015.

PM: Not so good PM. Should have done better. It was a bit tricky

This time I focused on CFAI BB  and EOC. However, I had personal and family issues and wasn’t fully focused on studying. I wanted to read the curriculum from CFAI books but didn’t have the time.


AM: Much much better AM than 2015 and 2016. Only few sub questions left blank which is normal in this exam

PM: Overall good PM. I must say it was tricky again

This time I focused on reading from CFAI books directly and practiced really hard EOC and CFA Mocks and past exams.

Unlike level 1 and 2 , CFAI are crucial are crucial for level 3. You need to read and grasp the concepts to be able to right answers related to any situation.

^ How many times you went through CFAI readings?

Gone fishing...

Once but couple of times for EOC and BB. I had to revisit topics I am week at such as Fixed Income and Currency Management though 

Me too. I went through Schweser readings multiple times.

Gone fishing...

I went through CFAI material thrice and schweser multiple times. Been reading continuously since December 1st.  Had to take a break in A[ril for 15 days when I moved from Singapore back to US,(Changed countries so valid reason for why I could not study as had to settle kids and family)but I factored that in my study plan as I did not join work post exam so 45 days was at home full time study.

Thats what I meant I wont get so much time again for sure.

Best of luck to you..