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References for CFA membership

does anyone know what format should the references be provided to CFA for membership? is it just a general description on how person knows candidate, his professional qualities and what he / she does at work? 

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That’s pretty much it.

There’s an on-line form they’ll fill in.

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hi - does anybody have a link to the on-line form please

Do the references need to be charterholders?

Do the references need to be charterholders?

No, but including a charterholder among your references does lower the total number of references needed.

Does graduate teaching assistant for a graduate finance course count? Responsibilities include reviewing course material with students, grading papers/projects, and holding office hours.

Do the references need to attest to the specific job descriptions you entered in “work experience”? Just wondering if I can use references from an old job that would not be familiar with my current role.

Would appreciate if somebody can advise the process please - how to advise the institute of my referees contact details?  I only see “view references” under the “apply for membership” section?

My references needed to say what my role entailed.