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Those who applied for charter after getting results , how long did it take for approval?

Mines now at 0 days too….

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Mines still show under society review now. But I emailed CFA yesterday, they sent me the membership activate email last night. I guess we can be charter holder without society’s approval.  

Did you email the general email? I sent a service request the other day but never got a reply back. 


Ok, I sent an email to CFAI to ask if I can simply bypass the society approval. I still have 20 days remaining. However, if others are still not approved with 0 days remaining, then it doesn’t seem to make sense to simply wait for the clock to run out and the local society still has not reviewed applications. Will report back when I hear back. 

I will be emailing next week - sitting at 4 days remaining but I really want to get the charter ASAP. 

Ahh I just got cfa approval but after reading from the posts it seems I will have to wait a month for Toronto to approve ..shouldn’t have selected local society I thought it was mandatory 

LA approved. I’m a CFA Charterholder! 

zoomwalt wrote:

LA approved. I’m a CFA Charterholder! 

congrats..let’s hope I don’t have to wait for Toronto society as long as people have been waiting here

Emailed CFA Institute yesterday after my decision days went to 0. Got email to activate membership today and immediately showed CFA next to my name right after payment. Woooo!! Journey is finally over!

Submitted my complete application with all references on 8/17 and received both global and local society approval on 8/29.

You probably got an email reminding you of the last steps shortly after the local chapter approval.  It includes which include paying dues, an ethics statement, and a form asking lots of “have you ever…” questions, like criminal convictions and regulatory actions against you.  I completely understand why they ask, but the number of people passing Level 3 who have problems at this stage must be really small.  

I’m confused…so the society application is not mandatory? It has been sitting for review for 10 days now. I can bypass them and still get my charter?

I emailed CFAI after my decision days reached 0 and they sent the activation email today (on a Sunday no less) - dues paid, charter officially awarded! 

Congratulations to the new Charterholders, finally the light at the end of the tunnel !!

Anyone got email/reply from CFA for applying for chartership (paying dues), despite society decision days still showing >0?

So far, no reply yet. I sent an email last thursday I think…

indxcdn wrote:

Congratulations to the new Charterholders, finally the light at the end of the tunnel !!

Anyone got email/reply from CFA for applying for chartership (paying dues), despite society decision days still showing >0?

I called CFAI with 19 decision days remaining because I got tired of waiting for the Miami society and just want my charter!! But they told me I need to wait until the decision days are 0, then they can send the activation of membership email.. ugh…

I asked them if I can withdraw this application and do a new one WITHOUT a society. CFAI approved my work experience in like two days, so I didn’t have any problem resubmitting to them. They told me no because the society approval is a part of the process to get the charter. So I went on to ask “how is the society membership VOLUNTARY then?” What if I didn’t choose a society on this application? (Right now I’m sorry I did because they’re taking so long). Anyway, long story short, I have to wait until 0 decision days according to CFA Institute.

Can anybody give me an example of the situation where you would really care to call the institute rather than waiting for whatever days remaining? Like why do you need the approval asap? Can wait to pay more cash to the Institute? Or do you really hate your jobs so much that would start sending out resumes the minute you could use the 3 letters after your name?

Ok. Cynical. I have an important meeting with a client of the firm where I am the main presenter.  They have a number of Charterholders.  My approval came with about 2 days to spare to be on the printed presentation.

Hope you could put there that you had passed on first attempt. That would definitely double your chances to close the deal with the client.

Cynical: The case where you’re applying for a new job with a deadline that is very soon and the credentials increase your chances by 200% because they specifically ask for Charterholders.

Got my Charter approved today!! Applied on Aug 30, CFAI approved on Sep 5th and CFA Chicago Society approved today, Sep 12. Glad to see the 3 letters next to my name smiley.. hard earned after 4 years of starting the preparation!

My whole thing got done in about three hours. Still cant believe it. :o.. Really happy though.. :)

To my surprise got email from CFA inst. to apply for chartership.. still have 3 days till 30 from Cfa Toronto society. 

So this is the response I got from CFAI after I asked if the membership application could be expedited if the local society doesn’t appear to be reviewing applications even after waiting for 30 days:

“I am happy to provide information regarding your membership application status. Our records indicate your membership application is under society review. You will receive notification regarding your application status on 29 September 2017. There is no way to expedite this review process.”

I really don’t have the problem with waiting a few days, but there has to be a reason for it. If the local society is approving memberships in 29 days, then I’m fine with it. But if they’re not approving memberships and we simply have to wait for the sake of going through a process (a very random process where some takes a few days and others take much longer), then I think the level of service provided by CFAI is questionable at best. 

So I activated my membership a few days ago after bypassing Toronto Society approval; therefore, I only paid the CFA Institute membership dues. I checked today and the local society has approved my membership as well, and it says pending under status because it’s waiting for me to pay dues for them now. I’m actually thinking of not paying that portion. That should be okay right, since local society membership is not required for the charter?

Applied on Aug 18

CFAI approved on Aug 29

CFA Society Boston finally approved today - Sep 13

Journey is now complete!

Took about a month, because by the time my recommendations were provided (a week after I passed) and the work experience was approved by the CFAI (about 2 days), the locan society (San Francisco) already met. So I had to wait for about 3 weeks after that.

One would think they wouldn’t differentiate much between a CFA charterholder and someone who’s passed all three levels, had work experience approved and is awaiting a local soceity approval.

I have applied via CFAI page and now the status are: Submitted Work Experience Month is 48 for CFAI while for local society it is displaued as 0.

Is this ok?