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Any recent passers going to sign up for level 3 exam grading?

I was debating it because my Schweser 3-day instructor recommended to do it at least once to get a full circle experience as a test taker and grader.

Any1 else thinking about it?

you should know this by now

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I kind of want to just out of curiosity to see how the exams are truly graded. Also, it sounds like it’s a fun time (albeit spent with a bunch of charterholders, but that’s nothing new for me). 

I obviously will need to wait a few years before I get my experience, but do they take fresh charterholders or does the amount of time you’ve had it even matter?

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

How do you sign up?  With who?  Why would people want to do this?  So many questions.  Haha 



It will be Level 4. If you cannot pass as an exam grader you’ll be degraded (aka left without charter).

Divided We Stand...