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Level 3 preparation

Hi everyone, had a few questions from those who passed level 3.

How to start my preparations for this level as it is different from the rest. Which topics should i start from to get in tge flow of things?

My second question is should i go thru the entire curriculum or just schweiser notes?

For my level 2 i did both. Curriculum was used only for high wdight topics like fixed income and fra?

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I am following this:

Will study the entire curriculum

I would suggest you first read the Schweser notes and attempt the CFA curriculum end of chapter questions. You will eventually find that for some (maybe many) eoc questions, the Schweser notes are not in-depth enough, hence you will need to go back to the CFA curriculum for a more detailed understanding. It’s important you do all the eoc questions and practice exams thoroughly and when you come across questions where you don’t feel confident, study these in detail from the CFA curriculum. For essay format questions, it’s important you do the practice exams UNDER TEST CONDITIONS. I found that for both L2 and L3, there’s no substitute for starting early.