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Possibility of Buying Printed Books Anytime After Registration

Does anyone knows the possibility of buying the printed books anytime after registration..??

I’m retaker, I  do have the printed books of 2017, I think I won’t need the printed books right now. I could change my mind afterwards

Thanks a lot for your help

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you can I believe

but question is with 8 readings having changes - is it worth reading from the 2017 first and then trying to decipher the changes later?


I won’t be reading the old readings, however, I’ll do the same readings from 2017 books. I will try to study the new readings from Bookshelf, I don’t like reading from PDF files too much, buy I will give it a try. That’s why i was asking about the possibility of buying the printed books later, just in case I didn;t get along with PDF files..

Thanks a lot for your reply.. :) 

You can buy them on Amazon. The CFAI retails them, but the 2018 set will cost you about $300 USD.

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You can buy them at anytime from the CFAI website.  I originally was using Schweser only and then 2 months before the exam I decided I wanted hard copies of the books and bought them.

The books arrived pretty quickly too.

yes you can order it anytime from CFAI.

just go to candidate resources and order it from there.

i had just registered 3 weeks ago and just ordered the printed version few days ago. on next monday the books will be on my office.

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Thanks a lot guys.. :)