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Alternative Investments: 2017 vs 2018?

How big were the curriculum differences for alternative investments in 2018? Would I be losing much if I study from the 2017 Schweser? Notes?

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They said that it is rewritten but I did not find it much different on the 1st glance. Did not actually read it though.

I also did not see much differences in Alternative Investments between 2017 and 2018 at first glance. But I think you should consider 2018 Schweser Notes for your preparation due to lots of changes at Fixed Income and Asset Allocation. It is worth making such an investment for your important target. I have bought 2 Schweser Notes versions for my three tries, and I have succeeded. Good luck!

you need to look at the LOS and see what is covered vs what is not.  Kaplan is structured by LOS, so you should be able to pinpoint what is relevant, what’s not, and what is missing from the 2017 schweser notes.