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Effective Study Methods


I have found a source which has CFA past papers going as far back as 1999. I am aware many of these older questions may be redundant but there are still relevant questions.

Is it best to just study techniques off these instead of doing the EOC in curriculum? I figured there are so many AM papers available hat using some older ones as practice is probably better then doing blue boxes, and leaving some of the newer ones for official mocks closer to D-day. 

Many past candidates have discussed that patterns appear to repeat themselves if you do many mocks. Just wondering what the best approach is now for retention.


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A charterholder tutor suggested that we practice on writing for the essays (AM session) since these are something which we are not exposed to until now, while at the same time accounted for 50% weight. He pointed out things such as clear handwriting, using keywords and reading the Curriculum especially for Portfolio Management topics to get a better understanding on how to write for essays. If you are used to writing letters, essays or papers then good for you. If you are spoiled from the multiple choice format of the past 2 Levels, he would advice you to start practicing.

He suspects that most candidates will try to duke it out in the MCQ portion which will be unhelpful because then the median score of  performance in MCQ will be biased upwards (competition will be tight).

He also hinted on not worrying too much on Ethics, since it is no longer a tiebreaker, plus us Level 3 candidates probably scored high on Ethics in the past 2 Levels.

those past papers might be helpful if you need help on how to write answers for essays. Otherwise, not so much since many of the material would be horrendously outdated.

tl;dr worry more about essays and Portfolio Management. don’t push too hard on Ethics and MCQs.

Good for practicing the essay questions format, but horrible in term of relevance as most of the reading will have been replaced by now.

This year alone roughly 20% of the curriculum has changed.