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Advice on grading our own essays?

Does anyone have any advice on how we should score our essays? 

I’ve been taking the total amount of minutes as the scores and dividing it by what I think are the structures of the answers and then key concepts within those structures but sometimes get the variables and the reasons flip flopped with other variables that it could apply to if more than one reason is requested.

Also, I’ll write out my calculations and get to the correct answer but the calculations are different. For example I used level 2 h-model instead of the final one in level 3. Is it still correct or will I get points take off cause I used a different formula?

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If they ask you to select a correct answer and justify it, it’s usually two points for the correct answer, and one point for a (each) correct justification.

As long as you get the correct answer, you don’t have to follow CFA Institute’s formulae exactly.  (I’ve asked CFA Institute about this and that’s what they told me.)

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Ahhhhhh…. Thank you, thank you S2k. yes

if it’s not in the solution, it’s wrong. zero points. 

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