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Evaluating Candidate Resources Provided by CFAI

This subject may have been brought up in prior posts, but I’m curious to know how candidates feel post-exam.

CFAI provides practice questions by topic in addition to two mock exams (covering a wide range of subjects).  The system evaluates your performance using knowledge indicators (e.g., for the questions by subject, the candidate is rated as intermediate, proficient, advanced, etc., in addition to receiving a percentage score).

Did you find this to be a useful resource?

Obviously there will be variability within any population or sample, but should performance on the practice material largely reflect candidates’ command of the material and, therefore, necessarily predict exam pass/fail with statistical significance?

If no correlation between exists between performance on practice material and actual exam performance, could one be accused of reductionism for deeming the provided practice materials as useless?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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I was at 85th percentile after finishing all practice questions and mock exams and am definitely looking forward to a pass. Otherwise, I would say the materials are useless!

I would say they are significant for the PM as long as you didn’t just reset and re-do the same questions to get a higher score. You can’t assume they are useless if you fail because the topic tests did not test on the written part of the exam which is worth 50%.

Edit: I finished at 71 Percentile with 84% of the questions done. Maybe we can all post what our percentile was and see if it did matter

I was at 77th percentile after finishing all practice questions and mock exams. The relevant feedback can be provided after the results are available. 

i was at 44th percentile (WOOF) after completing all the topic tests (all 372). i didnt reset questions.

funny thing is 44th percentile isnt as bad as it sounds at first glance, thats almost a pass (and i didnt ”cheat’ by resetting questions”

I was around 65th percentile after finishing all the questions with 75% correct, but then one day dropped to 9th. I think there a glitch where I opened the online mock exam then closed out of it that caused my percentile to drop sharply