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I live in the beautiful city of Toronto and as many of you know, winters here are rough (specially this last one). I always look forward to summers but I am counting the minutes for it to be over so I can get my damn results.

Life is hard all around

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Same boat. As someone wise once said, never wish away time because you never get it back. Enjoy the weather while it’s here. 2 months will fly by.

Trust me, it’s not worth all the agony and despair. I wish I hadn’t toiled away for the weeks on end calculating every permutation possible in which i could just “sneak by” with a pass.  I became totally despondent and irritable which is completely opposite my normal self.  Had ALOT of making up to do with the wife and get back on good terms with the coworkers.  All in all, just be happy that you’re done and go out and enjoy your summer to the fullest.

ya don't know what ya don't know until ya know it.

Go have some fun!!!  Get some Greek food on Danforth!! Go to the Beaches!!! Stop in to visit the fish @ Ripley’s Aquarium!! The ROM and the AGO are still in business!!   Take in the scene in Yorkville!!  The Ex will be starting up before results are out!!!  Lotsa bars and restaurants in TO!!! Go live your life!!!

“Mmmmmm, something…” - H. Simpson

Maybe visit America for July 4th

Enjoy the WC and Wimbledon…!