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Study Notes

Comparing only the study notes/guide from each of Kaplan, Wiley, and IFT, which would you say is the best alternative for reading through the curriculum? Thanks in advance! 

With exam day right around the corner, Schweser's Final Review products are designed to help you finish out your study plan and walk into the testing center feeling prepared and confident.


I like Kaplan Schweser a lot but I also signed up for LevelUp Bootcamp, which I’ve heard great things about. Also, this might be a little old, but I found super helpful last year:

Anxiety and time got the best of me so I’m making sure to start earlier and practice more this year!

Have you looked into levelbootcamp? Marc specializes in CFA level 3. Course material is very well done including detailed video series. His slide deck is amazing and all the topics are explained as well as how each topics are connected with each other. Take a look at it