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Yield curve strategies

I knew this was gonna be challenging but didn’t expect this reading to go beyond gross. IT IS SIMPLY OBNOXIOUS!!!!! 

For reading 24 EOC last vignette I can only solve 1/10 questions. That’s right! 10%…*_*

Anybody shares my frustration?  Let’s dump it here and move on. 

Where there is a will there is a way

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Yes, that last vignette is pretty nutz.. I got 3 of the 10… but after reading and spending a lot of time on the solutions, I think I know how to solve them now lol… 

Did you see example #5 on that reading? Pretty much the same material as the vignette.. but hard as hell to follow. 

Wow you are reading every example in the text? Kudos to you!!!  80% of my brain cell is dead after understanding the solutions to the last vignette lol

Where there is a will there is a way