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FinQuiz 2019

Anyone use them this year? Has their mocks gotten any better.. Older feedback all said mocks were not good because it was filled with obscure details that arent tested, and ambiguous questions.

I got an email about a flash sale, was close to pulling the trigger.

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Just bought their practice pack yesterday and got a 60% discount. They have over 3700 questions in a qbank with I think 110 item sets. 5 full am style essay exams 3 hour time limit, and 6 full mocks. Really can’t go wrong so I went for it. Didn’t try the mocks yet but the qbank seems to be decent I don’t think the questions are too obscure or things I’ve never seen before but can’t really speak for the mocks yet.

Alrite thanks! I just pulled the trigger. I will test them out tomorrow :)

I’ve taken their lifetime access. I find the summaries great, the study notes are good as well. Somehow not comfortable with their mock exams!

To be honest, I still do not really understand all the complaints about finquiz. As a retaker from last year, I’ve had a brief look at their questions and they look fair enough. Their notes are helpful in saving time. Well, maybe my experience has been skewed by the fact that the first ever real CFA question that I ever had when I opened the official exam book (in level 1) was exactly like a finquiz question (as in 100% similar to a finquiz mock question). That boosted my confidence.  

Any feedback on essay exams of Finquiz -especially FI/Equity section which has changed in past few yrs and hence less CFA old papers to refer for practice.