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CFAI online questions percentile rank

Good grief. Are y’all doing these questions open note? How in the hell does a 79% correct score only place me in the 59th percentile?

I know the sample size at play here is confined to users who are even using the online question bank. But still, I would have figured this score to put me much higher up in the percentiles than 59!!!

So, y’all using your notes for these things? Or just resetting the categories until you score that perfect 100%? Or is the amount of candidates who walk through the door on exam day not having read a single page really high enough to where the actual scores would put me much higher. 

Translation: I’m not buying the fact that 41% of candidates will really outscore me on exam day if I can replicate a 79% on the exam - which means y’all really must be cheating on those practice questions.

edit: NVM, I’m now in the 70th percentile… IDFK what is going on at CFAI. 


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

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Hit refresh a few more times, your score could wander up or down.

Apparently, my strength is in derivatives…

We had a thread about this a few days back. It seems like the Percentile Rank is completely random. I’ve done all questions except Ethics and gotten 73% correct and my ranking is 84% right now.  At one point I had 70% correct with a 92% ranking. 

If you're the first out the door, that's not called panicking

May I suggest you don’t pay attention to pre-exam Percentiles, as it tends to give a false sense of security or diffidence.

Come exam day and things can, and generally would, change significantly.