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2019 AM Mock Exam

Hey all, just did the 2019 AM Mock Exam item sets over the weekend and found them very challenging.

I’ve done the 4 Schweser mocks, almost all the EOC and CFAI online practice questions but still found these items sets particularly challenging.

Anyone else feel the same way or found them the same/easier than the other questions out there? Just want to gauge opinions to see if I am on the right track or if I am missing something/preparing improperly.


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My scores were above 70 for both of them, but to be honest, i had an extreme luck on many questions. I found these two exams to be very detailed, which killed my confidence (once again). It will be fun they said…

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

Do you think they were fair? Good representation of your knowledge or lack of?

All I can say is that I’ve done about 8 AM exams and all topic tests 2x times and still found it challenging. What it tells me is that I should not underestimate PM part. 

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

Can the mock be split and combined with an essay AM mock and used as 2 separate tests?

Or did they structure the AM to ask the typical AM questions you get in the essay, and the PM portion to be the typical PM questions?

foshizzle wrote:

Can the mock be split and combined with an essay AM mock and used as 2 separate tests?

Many have asked this same question, but unfortunately it would be a major violation and market manipulation of CFA materials, which is copyright by law.

They did seem pretty tough to me. Morning paper I got 63% and afternoon 75%. Found them both equally tough though. I hope the result is at least a bit more like the latter on the day!

I found the AM mock very very hard. I have done 7 other PM tests and scored above 75 percent in them all but scored 70 exactly on this with a lot of guesses. It has scared me badly to be honest that maybe I’ve over prepared for the AM. However, I did find the mock to be very wordy, intentionally confusing and all round absurd. I’m hoping it is just a bad one. 

All the CFAI provide mocks for any level so far have been way more difficult than the actual exam. I think it’s the case with LVL3 CFAI mock also. 

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Scored 78% on both the AM/PM after doing the Topic Tests 2x.

Found the PM incredibly difficult and have to say I got very lucky with a few questions as well.

Just got 80% on the PM, feel much better now. That AM test was really ridiculous. I’ve been over it twice and the wordings really are awful and the topics obscure. 

Keep going everybody, it’s almost done. 

I just re-took this.. the CFA site is down. Does anyone has the pdf of answers they can email me?

Trust me, u guys are perfectly fine by scoring above 60% in the mocks, especially the CFA mocks. I scored 72% on average with guesses too which is fairly consistent with my level 2 mock results and still ended up with above 90th percentile on the real exams. Except for level 1 which was easy and we could score 90s in the mocks and the real exams as well, levels 2 and 3 are quite tough with so many wordy passages.

I know friends who haven’t even done a single mock as at now and are still confident of passing. So AF users are stressing ourselves unnecessarily. I can confidently say most people on this platform will score above 90th percentile coz the preparations are way above average.

2019 AM Mock was a killer. Period. As always, the actual exam shouldn’t be this difficult. Even if it is it’s fine, passing rate is bell curved right? All the best everyone!

My results are: 77% - AM, 85% - PM,  81% - Aggregate for 2019 CFAI Mock

…and I still feel that I’m not ready for the real exams in terms of deep understanding all details and concepts.

Just completed the am part. 

Are there any re-takers that can comment on how reflective this thing is compared to the real exam?

I scored a 70 but have 5 questions that I didn’t even know what these guys are asking me for. And I studied text book only so no shortcuts. 

My morning essays says I score also in the 70-80 percent range which gives me confidence but these multiple choice exams are a downer.

These were not indicative of the exam in my opinion.  Scored right around 70 on both.  I think the intent was ro cover as much material as possible in a single exam.  But the questions in some cases were so ambiguous, easily more than one right answer (which if you read their  answers and follow their logic, I can point in the curriculum where their incorrect answers are correct.   Also remember, time, a two page vignette and the required work to solve the problem, not possible. Was very frustrated with these exams.

 I think the test  itself is part of the test. Cost vs benefit - stick to the allotted time. Spending 30 minutes to get 15 points when you could have spent 10 getting 18 on the next question.   Once the adrenaline   spikes because youre behind, cognitive thinking ability plummets - costing you points elsewhere you should have gotten. 

just took AM. was very difficult. 43/60. scored 52/60s on two different schwesers. I hope these arent representative. taking PM tomorrow. 

also found it weird that CFAI 19 AM had only…one ethics question? i guess they did that on purpose to give you the correct weighted feel, given that both AM PM are MC

also one of the first Qs after ethics was so annoying when you had to mult all the primary capital items by (1-tr). highly higly involved questions. 

i almost thought we would see a “human value of life” question in there. those ive seen on some TTs but slipped thru schweser cracks