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acelevel3 product-for L3 AM

Hi, any one who used this service? any feedback?

You’ve made it this far, and you know what it takes to pass. Don’t be fooled by false promises and unrealistic claims. Schweser’s CFA® study packages give you the proven study tools and expert instruction you need to finish the job.

I looked into that.. I think the guy is a recently passed the level 3 last year. He has a youtube of his 3 scores showing he was top 90% on all three levels lol.

Try Bill’s service, he’s been at it a little longer.

Hi 125, who’s bill? Would you have a link to his material?

I’m looking for a good guide to structure L3 answers.

This will direct you to Bill’s site. You’ll see him here pop up from time to time wink

It was a long shot, glad i made it.

Hi Haz,

Congratulations on achieving the Chartered status. 

Just wondering if you went ahead with Acelevel3? 

I’m going to avoid providers and just focus of the CFA material, something like this looks ideal for ensuring I succeeded in the AM.


Pushing will get a person almost anywhere, except through a door marked “pull”

Hi Tez4715

Thank you for your wishes. 

No, I did not buy Acelevel3. I used IFT material, MM mocks and CFAI material for my prep. Good luck!