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Anyone else having issues with writing speed?

I’ve recently started doing morning exams and I’m having issues with time.

I’m a very poor writer, I haven’t really written much since high school - I’ve always typed very fast and preferred that to writing.

I keep running out of time despite writing in bullet points.

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I am also having issues with time.  I may adjust my strategy.

Doing all the short vignettes first then moving to the vignettes that are long that I know I want the topic for instance if I want to see a topic of swaps, futures calcuations, or some other topic that i know will probably be long i will look for those first

I will do all very stupid long vignettes last 

I am going to try this strategy today and see if my time improves

You’re not alone.  Only way I’ve found to improve is just through doing more practice exams under timed conditions.  You could also try to just do more handwriting in general but that’s hard given the world we live in now. 

Outside of writing in bullets, I would ask how much are you writing in total?  You may still be writing more than you too thus the issue. 

Lastly, keep in mind they aren’t grading on grammar or spelling, just so as long you get the point across. 

In addition to bullets, I use up & down arrows, < & > signs, and the ampersand sign. 

Write what you know, then move on.

Only answer what they ask (e.g. if they say “identify” it is not necessary to provide additional justification)

Think through your logic first, then write. You will be more concise and eliminate unnecessary wording. 

No law against waiting, people do it all the time.

This is literally every single person’s problem with the AM. Three suggestions: 1) bullet point/short phrases 2) don’t know it? move on, immediately 3) write REALLY FAST. Like be on the edge of your seat like you have to go to the bathroom and the only thing stopping you is that item set. 

my problem is that my writing gets super messy when i go for speed.