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investors types - Behavioral Finance VS Management of individual investors

Hi everyone, 

i don’t undestand why the program is providing so many behavioral types: 

in LOS 9 - Behavioral Finance we have 2 major classifications:

  • Guardian,                 individualist,         Adventurer                      and celebrity
  • Passive Preserver, Friendly follower, Independent individualist and Active Accumulator

i put them one on top of the other to show the equivalence in terms of extreme. and here starts the confusion with individualists being a risk taker in the second classification and a “careful” investor in the first classification

then the confusion continues with the definition provided in LOS 10 - Management of individual investors

they introduce a third type of classification: Cautious - Methodical - individualist and Spontaneous! and here, the Individualist is similar to the one of the 3 ways mode. but without the word “independent”.

why so many definitions and which individualist should we consider? the one defined in LOS 9 or LOS 10?!!

many thanks

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They would mention it, I believe. Like classify as per Pompian 4 way BITS. Classify as per BB&K 5 way model. And for the first, well they’ll tell you to classify amongs methodical, cautious, individualist, spontaneous. 

The bottom line - they won’t make it ambiguous and you’ll figure it out.


but it is hard for me to memorize