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Constant-mix stategy in syllabus?

Is constant-mix strategy which i have seen in some previous a.m.s still in syllabus?

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Dear cpk123 or S2000 magician, can you answer yes or no? Or 123mps. 


A quick search of “constant-mix strategy”, “constant mix”, and “constant-mix” through CFA materials yielded no results (using the search function on vitalsource). Then again its not some arcane strategy and I think you could be reasonably expected to know what it is even without it appearing in the curriculum.

You must be calling 125mph, right? Otherwise i dont think there’s a 123mps in this forum.

I have not seen the topic as well but have encountered it in several mocks

It was a long shot, glad i made it.

Three readings were removed:

  • Market Indexes and Benchmarks by C. Mitchell Conover, PhD, CFA, CIPM
  • Equity Portfolio Management by Gary L. Gastineau, Andrew R. Olma, CFA, and Robert G. Zielinski, CFA
  • Monitoring and Rebalancing by Robert D. Arnott, Terence E. Burns, CFA, Lisa Plaxco, CFA, and Philip Moore

i believe constant-mix is part of from 3rd reading was removed for 2019

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Thanks guys, yes i meant 125mph :) lol

Hope CPPI has been removed as I have been skipping these when writing my mocks!

Nope. no longer part of syllabus

Yeah it’s been removed. Don’t bother looking at it