The results are in. Hopefully, you’ve passed the Level II CFA® exam. If not, there’s always next year. Here’s what to do next.

Let’s be honest, change is hard. We believe if a process worked in the past, it should work again… right? Yet, take a look at the historical pass rate of 54% for the Level III CFA® exam. With that low pass rate, you can quickly dismiss the notion that “what you did to pass Level II” will work. The method of starting in early January won’t work for Level III. Start now.

Here’s the problem:

  1. The Level III CFA® exam is different from any other level – but you don’t know how different it is until it’s too late.
  2. Some review providers don’t spend as much time and resources on Level III as earlier levels.
  3. The program curriculum is voluminous: you can’t tell the forest from the trees.
  4. The topics are confusing and hard to comprehend.
  5. You have no one to turn to for help other than a Q&A “black box.” 
  6. You have growing career responsibilities and a significant other who is tired of this “CFA process.
  7. Lastly, you just want to get it done . . . 

The solution:

  1. Start early. Begin planning in September and go hardcore studying by October 1st. Otherwise, by April, you will be panicked and rushed, leading to a possible redo.
  2. Find a passionate teacher, mentor & coach who’s been teaching the CFA® Level III program curriculum for 26 years (since 1995), knows the material inside and out, uses the CFA candidate curriculum, and who has worked in the field…
  3. Find a company that puts significant resources into teaching Level III - LevelUp BootCamps only teaches Level III…
  4. Map out your study schedule from October to the June exam date. Commit and don’t quit. I can help! Get it right upfront and you won’t regret it in August 2020.
  5. Order Jump Start Training Videos that will walk you through the candidate readings page by page, connecting ideas, working through the hard stuff and pointing out important concepts. 
  6. Contact me, enroll in a LevelUp Bootcamp, study from Sept to June, and PASS.

I’ve been helping Level III candidates pass the CFA® exam, get their lives back, and earn their charters for 26 years. Don’t waste your money and time using short-cuts. Do your research on Analyst Forum and Reddit. Make the right choice the first time. CHANGE IS HARD but it can take you to where you want to go. If you want to earn your CFA® designation then choose “One & Done” in 2020.

Marc A.LeFebvre, CFA
President - LevelUp BootCamps

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