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Time of message reciept - Important Information About Your CFA Exam Result

Hi all,

I’m wondering if time of message from CFAI - “Important Information About Your CFA Exam Result” somehow can predict you result.

Two years ago I regretfully failed with my first attempt for Level 2 exam the time the message was sent used to be 11:56 A.M. (ET) 

For both, Level 1 exam, which I passed form the first attempt, and second successful attempt for Level 2 exam I got a notice around 9 A.M. (ET). The exam results also were sent about 9 A.M.

Those who ever failed any of the exams, can you please share time of the notification on exam result date was released to you?


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I cant remember the timing of the “important information about your CFA result” emails for when I failed and passed L2, but I do know when I passed I got the results email a lot later than when I failed the year before so not sure there is really anything to read into this!

Yeh, least likely that this is linked. Each year I try to seat exam in a different country (to get a chance for a couple of days leisure for me and my couple after the exam). It might be also linked to the country (test center) where you take the exam. CFAI can distribute the results by test centers.

What time did you get the email “important notification about…” this year???

Around noon time  (

This time was a different city, but same country as in year 2017 when I failed level 2, Switzerland.

Passed L1/L2 2017/2018, received both e-mails around 10am EST. Receievd e-mail for L3 around 12pm EST. Thanks for making me worry now.

Me 11:57 am ET


I really hope that this is just data mining bias… Lets see…

I hope logic work here, if they knew by that time who passed and failed. Why didn’t they distributed all levels results together.

We got a message in a week 7 after exam, i.e. week when Board sets MPS for Level III. So they might already knew. Following weeks is just for internal controls….

The worst thing is that we have to wait 13 days more…

DilutedEPS wrote:

Passed L1/L2 2017/2018, received both e-mails around 10am EST. Receievd e-mail for L3 around 12pm EST. Thanks for making me worry now.


Well looks like I’m really failing. Was hoping for a miracle but…oh well…my first taste of failure…great

We rise again

Can anyone who passed last year debunk this theory? Please OMG

We rise again

you can ask 125mph , he is super confident that he will pass laugh

@125mph where ya at? @charterholders? @passed level III?? Where are people when you need them?

We rise again

This year i felt confident after the exam…

I can’t find the famous email of last year…i knew i was going to be around the mps and finally i was almost there… but the feeling is different this year, although i got the email at ‘failing time”

I can’t think of anything worse or more unproductive than this to waste my time on. Guys cmon. There’s no correlation between the time you received the notification email and passing lol.

Even though I felt this was a silly post, I couldn’t help but wade in. I’m in the EMEA region. When I passed L1 and L2 I got the mail at both 10:30 am and 12 noon ET. When I failed L3 last year, I got the mail at 10:30am ET. This year I got it 11:56am. Given the foregoing, I believe the timing of the mail has more to do with region, that is if there is even any correlation whatsoever. 

We are getting crazy

got the email at 11:58 a.m. this year, got the email at 10:21 a.m last year for L2, I think they may send emails at different time every year. You failed L2 2 yrs ago and received an email around 12, maybe they sent emails to all L2 candidates around 12 that year. As far as I know, almost everyone received the email around 12 this year.

i had some pretty high mocks:

and got the email at 1152. 

then again, im not confident i passed. i think i did. but cant say for sure. 

Nah, no need to worry guys for the following reason (time is EST + 6 hours):

L1 1/18/2018 @ 12:40 AM (pass)
L2 8/8/2018 @ 4:24 PM (pass)
L3 7/31/2019 @ 5:58 PM (pending)

This is all data mining bias. Have a wonderful day.

More like paranoia bias. They need to add that under behavioral bias.

Symptom: Over-obsession with MPS, and signs that one passed/failed based on unfounded reddit conspiracy theories.

Cure: waiting 10 weeks for the actual results and finding a hobby

Cut it out guys this is too extreme wow

Most ridiculous post I’ve ever read…de only tell is when u get de congratulations email or u may not even receive that email but still pass as it happened to me in level 1.. didn’t get email but passed with all scores above 70% in all subject areas when I checked my results on the website after 2 days…

So please relax and wait patiently…

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

I can’t believe you are even discussing this! Logically, why would CFAI bother to send emails to passed candidates at a specific time as compared to the candidates who failed. Why would they care to do this extra work?

I call it Cfazophrenia laugh