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Financial Analyst job?

Hi guys

I want to become a financial analyst and start an official career in finance and I got this offer but I’m not sure if it’s a job financial analysts do. Can you advise me if it’s okay to accept it?

*job description*

  • 50% of Time to Analyze Financial Statements of Pharmaceuticals and Competitors, Prepare Short List of companies for Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, Monitor Performance and Adjust based on parameters to support business planning like Marketing activities and Software Promotional activities.
  • 25% of Time To Work with Marketing Strategy Team to ensure financial numbers referred in material is factual correct based on secondary research.  Support Content preparation activities for Campaign Design & Execution, Content Management.
  • 25% of Time Self Improvement related to Management like Business Writing, Customer Success,   Team Expansion and Talent Development activities.  You will be given paid Udemy account and access to business books to read and put them into practice on team tasks.

We rise again

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looks very financial analysis but who could advise you when you don’t tell anything about yourself. 

What’s the proposed salary?

You can accept it if they are offering $40M a year

sounds pretty boring tbh

Id expect 70k if in US major city

Right now my concern isn’t the pay but to gain relevant work experience to become a financial analyst. Will it count as relevant experience when I apply somewhere else after a few months?? Will I learn anything beneficial in this job which will help me bag another proper job?? 

We rise again

I’m sorry to say this but you have a bad habit of asking the most simplistic, most general, and most hypothetical questions…we can’t guarantee anything…if you feel you can’t answer that on your own then maybe you shouldn’t take it…

on a brighter note, if you’re trying to get experience for your charter you might want to lean towards more investment front office jobs or other related jobs like risk management aka credit, market risk, etc.