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Answer this after level III results

All the best to all Level III candidates. May you never have to appear for any CFAI exam ever again

I am thinking of registering for the 2020 exam. Passed Level II in 2013 and then  life intervened. The curriculum has been revamped for 2020 except Fixed income, equity, BF. . I will have limited time so have to depend on prep provider. My choice will be between mark meldrum and IFT . I require mainly videos.

I want to know your feedback from those who have used both or either one.

 study notes and videos from prep providers will be late given the revamp. Another option is CFAI text, in chapter examples and EOC. I will be working the in chapter examples and EOC s anyway but given the time constraint would ideally like to move to the problem solving and practicing past AM and mocks as soon as I can. Hence the prep provider. i have read this

I should have posted this after results but next couple of weeks will be busy at work , so may not find time to post hence posting now.

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Agree with This

“Solely used MM and CFAI for Level II and III. I didn’t find out about MM until the night before Level I exam. I could/willing to afford only one prep and chose him. 

Very satisfying, especially Level II materials. I never learned about derivatives before and by the end of it, it’s one my favorite topics. Passed Level II almost solely with his videos, didn’t read most of CFAI textbooks. 

With Level III, MM was 100% supplementary. I need to read the CFAI materials on top of his videos to ensure I covered everything. I watched his videos first and then read the materials. Videos helped me to get through the textbooks. I spent a lot of time doing blue boxes, EoC, TTs, and mock exams. S2000 graded one of my mocks, it helped a ton. After the exam, I came to a hard realization that nobody can predict the questions on the exam. Past exams do not/cannot predict future exams.  I read a lot about LevelUp bootcamp, was enticed for a second until I saw the price tag. Honestly did not want to spend that kind of $$. I also read that Marc spoke trash of other prep providers & I didn’t want to spend money on commentary.”

I used IFT for level 3 and found its videos really good. IFT discusses BB and white text examples in detail in videos which other providers do not normally. Since level 3 curriculum is not as straightforward as other levels so explaining BB and white text examples matters a lot.

I did not use MM so cannot comment his way of teaching. However since Bill has made mocks for him, I would recommend buying MM mocks along with grading services.

If I were you, i would use CFAI curriculum to make my own notes (absolutely no third party notes) plus IFT videos plus MMs mocks and grading services.

mskhan91 wrote:
However since Bill has made mocks for him, I would recommend buying MM mocks along with grading services.

I believe that Dr. Meldrum will not be offering mock exams in 2020; I read that on reddit.

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