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third-party essay mocks recommendation?

I’ve been browsing and planning to buy this   Level III Essay Writing Webinar – June 2020   

CEO10K-DAY what did you buy from this chalkboard thing?

Probably gonna book a session with magician

God help me pass on first attempt

You’ve made it this far, and you know what it takes to pass. Don’t be fooled by false promises and unrealistic claims. Schweser’s CFA® study packages give you the proven study tools and expert instruction you need to finish the job.

I used the video lectures (watched every single second of them too) - some lectures I actually viewed multiple times. And, I obviously can’t discuss exam questions, but those video lectures SAVED MY ASS ON EXAM DAY. The guy does not just read slides, he uses concrete and real world examples for you to learn the concepts. Nathan is even available by text/phone-call. I really really really recommend you purchase the videos. Within the videos, there is also a TON of problems he’ll go over. 

The workshops are also a great value. It’s because I did both of those workshops that I had enough practice to slice through the IPS questions on exam day. Passing level 3 is just as much as knowing HOW to complete the essays as it is knowing the material. Don’t waste a whole year learning the material just to find out you have no clue what you’re doing on exam day.

I finished the morning session with 20 minutes left - and left no box unanswered. 

Basically, I b1tch slapped that exam and I’m going to collect my passing score next week. Couldn’t thank Nathan Ronen enough.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.