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Passed! Thank you to everyone on this amazing forum!! WE DID IT FAM

You’ve made it this far, and you know what it takes to pass. Don’t be fooled by false promises and unrealistic claims. Schweser’s CFA® study packages give you the proven study tools and expert instruction you need to finish the job.

passed. I’m gonna miss CEO10K. And a huge thank you to S2000!

Passed! Could care less about percentile, just so long as I got the “P”!

Tommyjohn wrote:

passed. way over the 90th percentile mark. looks like the bottom of my blue box is still above the 90th percentile mark. 

thanks all on this forum, espectially @s200magician, his grading service is one i would recommend

Congrats Tommy! I know you worked hard for this, I was pulling for ya. Happy to see. 

Passed with less than 90 pc 

all levels 1st attempt in 1.5 years yipeee 


CEO10K-DAY wrote:


Congrats! But…you have to take L3 again since you had the stones to register for 2020 last week. Good luck next year! ;) 


That feels amazing !!

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else

Passed!! Congrats to everyone!!! 


I’ve had 2 kids since I started this process and I bet my family will be happier than I am!


5 years of blood and sweat coming to an end!

Congratulations to a whole bunch of you, let’s keep it up continue to assist other candidates to achieve excellence!

But for now, gotta think about how I wanna celebrate!

Praise the LORD! Same here couldn’t sleep yesterday 

Passed! Not as convincingly as level II but I’ll take it. Got just below 70% in both AM and PM.



90th percentile in AM and PM. Came up just a few questions short of going 3 for 3 last summer so I’m glad I was able to redeem myself and crush it after being disappointed last year. If you did not pass, it is ok to be upset. Get back to it though, the struggles are when you learn and grow the most. You can see the finish line!

Congrats to all that passed!



passed. what a feeling of joy. could not stop smiling. the results show clearly i knew a lot. wow.

congrats all that passed. those that did not, dont give up. Its a hard road but u nearly there.

peace out


Passed… all 3 levels on 1st attempt.. what a glorious ride…

Yessss!! Passed! Wouldn’t have passed without attending Marc’s Levelup Bootcamp for sure.


What a relief!  Wife is happy since I won’t have to study with a newborn coming in January.

I think I’m more excited about not doing it again than I am about passing all 3 levels!

Passed 3/3


I'll get knocked down but I'll come right back up.

CEO10K-DAY wrote:

I passed. But, I am SO close to the MPs it ain’t even funny

it doesn’t matter anymore does it? ;)


Passed Level II = bought a new F-150.  Passed Level III = I’m buying a boat.

Passed! Around 60-65% on AM and 70% on PM. Just above MPS! Finally!



Queue Old town road  ” Can’t Nobody tell meeeee nuthinnnnnnnnnnnn”

I passed.