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L3 Question Bank

Hi guys,

What is the best L3 QB other than CFAI’s obviously. I would like to purchase a QB to practice throughout my studies. I am not a fan of MM’s (which I got through the package), so if anyone can share their experience with the QBs they used, that would be helpful.


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Same here, some one recommended me fitch learning. Any reviews on the same?

Afridi9rizwan wrote:

Same here, some one recommended me fitch learning. Any reviews on the same?

Many people are talking about Schweser QB, Idk if this one is good. Any update of Fitch? You are talking only about their practice materials, right?

Yes only practice,I called up fitch to know whether they had updated materials, they are yet to respond. Use Bloomberg prep for a week, they don’t have a question bank but their mocks I sent them a request to share a portion of their mock exams, they sell them immediately but they will get updated automatically for the 2020 syllabus in Jan. I’m using MM videos, his quiz isn’t that good

Schweser I used last year, their q  bank terrible, only the pm section questions are good, Am horrible as well

The schweser qbank is pretty bad, agreed. If you want to practice questions, I find its much more useful to do EOC and bluebox.

What about konvexcity question bank?

You don’t need it.  Just keep working the CFAI qbank, do it once, clear it, do it again.  Get your score in each section to over 90%.  Will improve both your knowledge and your confidence.

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