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Summary notes to supplement MM

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has recommendations for summary notes to supplement MM?

For L2 I used Wiley’s 11th hour guide and it worked very well for me. This time I would like to adopt a similar approach but use a summary guide a lot earlier on in the studying process.


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Anyone thinking of using gostudy this year? They seem to have good reviews in previous years. But I tried emailing/fb msging them and received no response. Are they still in business?!

I am thinking the same thing. I have tried to email- call them but no answer. I think they come to life after feb.

Where are they actually based..

Wonder if anyone else is considering the same and have found good supplementary materials?

I don’t get a thing. Who on earth relies on supplementary notes in Level III? Sure, there will be some topic areas that can be given skip because the CFAI material could be bone dry, excessive. But supplementary notes ? Really ?

back against the wall. no retreat no surrender.

Method worked for me in L2, passed comfortably. So will be adopting same approach for L3.

Finquiz Summary Notes are probably the best resource. They summarize directly from the CFA curriculum.