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Which study option would you choose for Level II...

A) Stalla’s 2008 Standard System (includes Live Weekly Classes in DC) - $545

B) Schweser’s 2008 Essential Solution Package (No Classes/Video CD’s) - $492
(Supplemented with Stalla’s 2007 Notes, Practice Exams, & Video CD’s …sunk cost)

C) Other (ie, Stalla’s Enhanced System, Schweser’s Premium Solution, Stalla’s current course w/Schweser’s Q-bank, etc.)

Thanks for your input!

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I would rely on Schweser and maybe Qbank as I did last year.

How did you get Stalla for $545? I saw the price was more like $1190 (2x your price). Is there a discount I didn’t hear about?

Stalla worked for me last year. Don’t know about the enhanced thing. I got a free pack of Stalla flash cards which I didn’t end up using. People did say that the Mock exam was a help, though I didn’t take it.

You want a quote?  Haven’t I written enough already???

Stalla offers a 50% discount to candidates who previously used their service, but have to repeat a level. (They also offer tuition-free continuing help if you can show that you attended all of the classes and completed all of the practice problems, but this is not an option for me. If I had enough time to devote to exam preparation last spring, I might be spending more time with all of you guys on the Level III board.)

As for the Schweser price, this reflects a 15% corporate discount. It also happens to be the same discount rate for individuals (like me) who are repeating a level and used another company’s study program.

I used Stalla on L2 and passed, I felt it was very comprehensive and well organized. I will be using the same for L3.

As for discounts on Stalla, you can find coupon codes online. I got in touch with a rep there and you can even haggle with them. Ask them if they can give you a discount because of the company you work for or the school that you went to. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! I got 300 bucks off.

I made my own flascards and found that to be extremely helpful. Just a tip…