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hours of sleep

Given the busy working hours, taking care of the kids, and level 3 preparation, how many hours of sleep you guys get these days?

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average 6 during the week and 7-8 at the weekend. No kids, though

not enough…like 4-5 hrs on weeknights.

6-7 hrs. Up at 5am, study til 7am. Got kids

Have only been studying on the weekends… working late and lifting on weekdays. Lifting definitely trumps studying in March.

I get 5-6 hours on weeknights. I sleep as much as I want on weekends, I don’t work on weekends, play with my kids.

6 to 6.5 hrs on weekdays I try to get 8 on the weekends kids and I’m single ..however even when I’m not studying for the CFA i get about the same .

\\\"Sometimes the Bird sometimes the statue \\\"

I get about 6-7 hrs but put in hours from 6 am to 8 am and get back from 5 pm to 7pm..i feel very sleepy, I don’t know if I’m eating too much or I just need to get used to it a little more..

Doesn’t look like we don’t get a good 8 hour sleep anymore huh? After reading your post, I need to cut my sleep hours. I am getting used to 8 hours of sleep, otherwise I won’t function well. So I guess I need to cut back to 6 hours on the weeknights to study more…….

7.5 every night, including weekends. Few things are worth losing sleep over.

i wish i cd get 7.5 every night …never happens though ..

\\\"Sometimes the Bird sometimes the statue \\\"

6 - 6.5 during the week. about the same on the weekends…but for different reasons ;)

8 hours every night. of course i haven’t really started studying yet…. where is my barf bag?

6 on weekdays and 12 on weekends, so I’m averaging close to the recommended 8 per day

8 hours all through the week ….

6-7 hours. no kids but working from 9h to 19h. I catch up during the weekends.

6 hrs on weeknights, 7-8 on week-ends….single…well dating, but work and studying, and regular workouts keep me up late into the night

4-5 hours each weeknight. 7 hours each weekend day.

Don’t sleep at night. Lie in bed waiting for morning. People say its PTSD. What do they know about PTS? Whatever. I guess that’s why I’m on analystforum at 2 am. Or is it 3 am? Does it make a difference?

slept once less hour last night, for obvious reasons… back at the studying today though!

How do you people last on 40 hours a sleep a week? I start going downhill after 55 a week….