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CFA qualifies for Registered Investment advisor

Per , if we pass LIII and get the charter, we can be a registered investment advisor in the USA.

Has anyone looked into this?

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You can do all types of fun stuff….but have to be chartered first.

whatz the benefit of becoming a registered investment advisor, what they can do…… earning potential etc…… can someone expand on this.


it’s no big whoop at all.

Given this thread is almost 10 years old, would like to check as to whether CFA Charter Holders are still exempt from state competency exams for Registered Investment Advisors. 

The following is an excerpt from the CFA Institute website.

“CFA charterholders who must register as investment advisers or representatives through the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) may work with CFA Institute to claim a waiver from state competency exams.”

Has anyone had direct experience to know which states this would be applicable to?  Or, is it all states?

I believe to be a RIA, all you have to do is pass a Series 63 exam and register with each state you would be overseeing clients in.

Since your smart enough to have passed the first two levels of the CFA, I would assume you could sit down with your favorite liquor and study for a week - and pass the 63…

Being an RIA with a $300mm book of business earning 1% aum fee and 45-65% margins for 50 hours of work a week isn’t bad but why finish cfa program to push already packaged products lmao 

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