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New Level 3 Candidates, check in.

Congrats to fellow L2 passers. Kudos to those who are motivated to study this early on. See you in the new year!

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Hi all,

With 1st deadline 8 days away, I finally gave in and signed up for Level III.

Here is hoping that level 3 goes as well for me as L2.

Looking forward to sharing the learning with you all!


Was planning on a January Start.

I am feeling guilty for not starting early like some of you but market is not allowing me to start! I am thinking November…I hope I stay on schedule!

Good luck!

Congruts to those who passed. Some of you probably spent alot of efforts to be here (just like me), or you may say, oh LI and LII are just a piece of cake to me…

Anyhow, I am sooooooooooooooo glad to be here!!!!!

hey guys
i am BACK and checking in! just enroll for the exam today cost me US$550 after discount….
congrat to all level 2 who made it to 3 and let’s make sure we all pass this round!

Here. Wish everyone luck! I’ve been mostly a lurker but will try to be more interactive these days. By the way if anyone lives in Hong Kong and pls drop me a line,

I just got my books today - is it just me or are the books really thinner than Level 2 books? These will definitely be easier and lighter to carry around.

finally passed level ii, got the books last week…gonna get started next month

I am in

believe that L3 is tougher than L2 (after clearing L1 and L2 in first attempt and not clearing L3 in june08).

checking in from Boston. I was going to hold off until after Thanksgiving, but you guys are setting the bar pretty high. I might give in and start before then, but I’m just enjoying the down time from studying for now.