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CFA Level III Forum

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synthetic Cash vs. zero beta aeolusloo 3 grappler1851 week ago
Risk Management of Forward and Futures Strategies Reading 28 grappler185 grappler1851 week ago
Can anyone share the past 10 years exam? Tingli 3 THE_REAL_Black_...1 week ago
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Surplus Optimization characteristic any funding ratio rafal 1 nodaysoff1 week ago
Introduction to Asset Allocation Pranalitawade 6 nodaysoff1 week ago
changes in fixed income topic in the last years Pierone73 1 nodaysoff1 week ago
Reading 24_Fixed Income Active Management : Credit Strategies_Option Adjusted Spreads chancornelius 2 nodaysoff1 week ago
Relevance of Questions from Previous Exams Fueledbycaffeine 2 Fueledbycaffeine1 week ago
Nominal vs real cash flows. EBITDA_TRAPS 1 S2000magician1 week ago
My L3 Notes Thus Far. dymke09 41 shariqnoor1 week ago
Score in CFAI practice questions brazilcandidate 6 MunicipalBob2 weeks ago
Cost Basis in Deferred Capital Gains Tax question stocked 2 Flashback2 weeks ago
Hedged return computation issue AlexTe 5 S2000magician2 weeks ago
Alternative Investments: 2017 vs 2018? brazilcandidate 3 chitown842 weeks ago
Trusty people to grade CFAI past essay exams? Castlemate 4 Castlemate2 weeks ago
Did you pass L3in princeton2 111 daydayup0012 weeks ago
Exam date 23rd June? finestck 93 CFAlovehate2 weeks ago
Reading 8, EOC #7 TomRiddle 2 TomRiddle2 weeks ago
Issues: Reading 5 practice question u4462952 5 u44629522 weeks ago
Capital Market Expectations derswap07 11 dboury2 weeks ago
effective capital gains tax rate beaver beaver2 weeks ago
two questions about interest rate immunization lizihengtotti 1 derswap073 weeks ago
Clarification on The Yield Curve, Recessions, and Bond Maturity HedgingGCJ HedgingGCJ3 weeks ago
Fiscal & Monetary policy VS Flat yield curve AlexTe 5 AlexTe3 weeks ago
Reading 14_Capital Market Expectations_Practice Problem_Q10 chancornelius 1 idreesz3 weeks ago