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CFA Level III Forum

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References for CFA membership anton_sv 1 S2000magician1 week ago
Is nobody tired? schuilnaam 14 VWJETTY1 week ago
Funny exam day stories gpmagnus 60 VWJETTY1 week ago
Then make sure you did everything you could to prepare—enroll in a review workshop to ace it on exam day.
Applying for the charter Put_Option 14 lnwmakmak1 week ago
Tell-Tell Signs VWJETTY 10 pambansang1 week ago
What are you finally doing the next couple of weeks? MunicipalBob 34 NANA Hachiko1 week ago
Better in AM? andrevc 23 danv03301 week ago
CFA level III exam while fasting in Ramadhan pakwarrior 33 cfapasss1 week ago
How many of you guys were shocked by the first question in AM? dreamland3 111 pakwarrior1 week ago
Analyzing Returns for ETFs with different existence periods nabnab nabnab1 week ago
Scoring of exam Jones473 5 Flashback1 week ago
Who wants to be a Grader? Rockies 19 K841 week ago
CFA Level III Results Date Viraj Swaroop 20 biuku1 week ago
Option implied volatility and theoretical volatility Victoryeo1984 32 googs14841 week ago
Worst PASS matrix TooDavistated 43 Moh42 weeks ago
the cheapest local society to join? CitiBank's Cashier 5 Flashback2 weeks ago
Trust Status - Discretionary /Fixed/revocable /irrevocable CenZx 6 Oluwasek12 weeks ago
Discretionary vs Fixed Trust? vg 25 vg2 weeks ago
PASSED BAND 11!!! WORST SCORE PROBABLY, DON'T LOSE HOPE! zerobeta 44 pakwarrior2 weeks ago
The Adventures of Cobb Douglas clarkth4 77 cjmeister2 weeks ago
I really don't know how to study again after seeing my matrix rollerbladerlevel3 14 PiratesSayARRR2 weeks ago
Advice for Next Year's Crop nathanwinklepleck 16 Flashback2 weeks ago
Can afternoon save your face? hassan.mahfooz 25 implex2 weeks ago
Probability of passing CFA exam - Googlesheet version PierreCFA PierreCFA2 weeks ago