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CFA Level III Forum

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Time advice for AM Torsten55 Torsten552 days ago
CFAI Mock Exam Steinerja29 2 ontrack2 days ago
List of Periodicity [Quarterly Annually] ?(Ethics/GIPS) Rayquaza Rayquaza2 days ago
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Regret aversion bias - 2015 am exam Q11A DL1719 2 Joe_833 days ago
Tip for quick brain reset during break between exams iancius 1 Pyng3 days ago
Foundations Ability to Take Risk 2018 AM 3B Mattyj7183 Mattyj71833 days ago
Exam in 2 Days!! ikaranus ikaranus3 days ago
That crazy 10 page blue box carry trade foshizzle 2 cfalevel3taker193 days ago
CPPI - still in syllabus? ecugkq30 7 strangeviper3 days ago
2018 AM Q8 Part D 7ks3 7 S2000magician3 days ago
2018 AM Q10 Part B 7ks3 2 7ks33 days ago
2011 exam 3C DL1719 DL17193 days ago
borrowing against stock - do you keep the dividends? Renewables_CFA 2 Renewables_CFA3 days ago
Actual exam difficulty (level 2) akshitf5 9 THE_REAL_Black_...3 days ago
Im done, here are my final stats. they may look decent but Im still pretty nervous. Good luck to all Tommyjohn 6 THE_REAL_Black_...3 days ago
Ethics confusion - MM PM Mock 2 Q8 vs. MM PM Mock 3 Q12 Mattyj7183 1 Mattyj71833 days ago
Currency options AaronPersie 1 S2000magician3 days ago
Any blue ink pen or ballpoint pen? zigogh 7 jojoleb3 days ago
IPS - living expenses vs salary match chartermarter chartermarter3 days ago
MM Exam 2 AM 1C [Home in investment portfolio] goldenboot 4 goldenboot3 days ago
CFA 2018 q6 a nk821 2 foshizzle3 days ago
2018 CFAI Exam Q2.B Ratio of Govt Spending to Tax Receipts ? Rayquaza 1 saurabh031219923 days ago
Income return in Grinold-Kroner model Tactics 23 CEO10K-DAY3 days ago
Payoff on Interest Rate Collar goldenboot 1 Epsilon3 days ago
Quick Tips from Recent Charterholder for Exam Day as a Thanks to AF mglasses5 6 Edinburghfirsttimer3 days ago