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CFA Level III Forum

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FI: reading 19, los "discuss criteria for selecting a benchmark and justify the selection of a benchmark" EugeneNYC 3 EugeneNYC3 months ago
The Behavioral Finance Perspective: is it important? ic84 9 HerbsDelite3 months ago
bond portfolio - how to calculate dispersion? imthekingoftheworld 2 imthekingoftheworld3 months ago
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R38 Case study Exhibit 12 question miracleboy 4 breadmaker3 months ago
Quick Question about portfolio rebalancing M.Ghari 4 S2000magician3 months ago
OAS of callable bond - Level 3 CaliforniaDreaming 3 CaliforniaDreaming3 months ago
San Francisco New charterholder ceremony foshizzle 3 foshizzle3 months ago
Chalkandboard - Nathan boondocksaint 9 boondocksaint3 months ago
Bolded words in CFAI curriculum / depth of knowledge required for exam Analyst11 Analyst113 months ago
IFT Experiences PDX401k 13 boondocksaint3 months ago
ethics discussion imthekingoftheworld 5 Harrogath3 months ago
Which books are you using? ChrisNan 2 Egob3 months ago
Practice tracking in Excel p.veace 2 LadyMacbethStrategy3 months ago
Reading 16 - BB 9. Mistake? Another_attempt 1 derswap073 months ago
s2000magician when will you offer 2020 mock imthekingoftheworld 9 akshitf53 months ago
Taylor rule -capital market expectations revilo77 4 mheithy3 months ago
Cfa here, cfa there, cfa everywhere! Codtrawler87 21 Malee3 months ago
behavioral finance ChrisNan 1 CEO10K-DAY3 months ago
I can't read the CFAI Fixed Income PM book anymore mheithy 19 LadyMacbethStrategy3 months ago
CFAI QB akshitf5 3 LadyMacbethStrategy3 months ago
Eoc essay questions akshitf5 akshitf53 months ago
Required experience LadyMacbethStrategy 4 LadyMacbethStrategy3 months ago
CFA Level 3 Exam navya123 8 saurabh031219923 months ago
long/short strategy has a beta of 0 or 1? imthekingoftheworld 6 Harrogath3 months ago
Reasoning behind dividing Swap BPV by 100 Tural 7 S2000magician3 months ago