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CFA Level III Forum

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yield curve stretegies derswap07 3 derswap077 months ago
Ability to take risk and Asset/Liability duration Codtrawler87 1 saurabh031219927 months ago
Schweser LV3 too many typos..sigh kab2 1 Black8Mamba237 months ago
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Interests of current and future beneficiaries - Foundations and Endowments Codtrawler87 Codtrawler877 months ago
Leveraged recapitalization Jolie 1 125mph7 months ago
Why is bond option convexity asymmetric? charlotte25 3 S2000magician7 months ago
Delay cost calculation in Implementation Shortfall Codtrawler87 13 S2000magician7 months ago
Carry forward knowledge from L2 Derivatives and PM to L3 Haz 9 Haz7 months ago
Fixed Maturity Corp Bond ETFs 125mph 1 jyk0267 months ago
Ethics and GIPS Torsten55 2 saurabh031219927 months ago
Spread risk vs credit migration risk TrackSuitInvestor 1 125mph7 months ago
CFAI Practice Questions Codtrawler87 1 Black8Mamba237 months ago
Decomposing Expected Return (Bonds)...ModDur or Eff.Dur to be used? TrackSuitInvestor 5 jyk0267 months ago
any Qbank recommendations? shrubaks123 4 S2000magician7 months ago
Reading 24 -- BB 8, question 1 wonderwall 5 S2000magician7 months ago
Venture Capital Topics in CFA
CFA qbank 125mph 125mph7 months ago
A question about the model risk and spread risk associated with assumptions kekeuibe 3 kekeuibe7 months ago
Classes/STudy Groups in Charlotte/NC for Level 3 2019??
Carry derswap07 4 wlfgngpck7 months ago
Total expected return - expected duration vs current duration Mercutio 7 S2000magician7 months ago
proposed strategic expected return Monticello84 1 S2000magician7 months ago
A question about selecting a yield curve strategy that would most likely realize the highest profit kekeuibe 3 S2000magician7 months ago
Mark Meldrum Pelumi90 10 harry54657 months ago
Exam Walkthroughs + Review Videos (IFT vs MM)? qbafinance qbafinance7 months ago