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CFA Level III Forum

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Asset Allocation - Babb Q5 on VAR vida_blue 3 Level3Tokyo2 years ago
Importance of endowments distributions has no impact on risk tolerance? vida_blue 9 mectron63 years ago
Duration of bond option vida_blue 2 jpsi13 years ago
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Stratified Sampling Fewer Transaction Costs Than Optimization? vida_blue 6 onlysimon3 years ago
Calculating Midpoint For Effective Spread (CFA Ahmed) vida_blue 21 RickBankiel2 years ago
Starting Studying Today, Good Place To Focus? vida_blue 2 MrSmart3 years ago
Possible Early Reveal of Passing / Failing? vida_blue 7 sewshi2 years ago
CFA L3 Ethics vidur 4 oryan50006 months ago
IFT Videos L3 vidur vidur5 months ago
Intermarket carry trade Yield Curve Strategies vidur vidur2 months ago
Intermarket Carry Trade - Yield Curve Strategies vidur vidur2 months ago
Capital Market Expectations (Doubt) vidur vidur1 month ago
Prep Provider for Level 3? vijay2990 4 giuls215 years ago
Pen or pencil - AM Level 3 vijay2990 1 blackomen5 years ago
Work Experience - Once Rejected vik1901 12 cpk1238 years ago
Important threads in CFA Level 3? vik2000 25 chirayush7 years ago
Anyone interested in the Stalla System Package for Level 3? vik2000 2 vik20008 years ago
CFAI mock exams from previous years vik2000 4 vik20008 years ago
How do you deal with retaining what you learned? vik2000 7 vivekbothra5 years ago
Implementation Shortfall (Reading #32) CFAI text (Question 23) vik2000 1 vik20005 years ago
Use of CFA Marks on your business card
Since now is the time for solving questions... so what is most important and representative? vikas5871 7 jahuntley797 years ago
do we have sectional cut offs in L3? vikas5871 23 rahuls7 years ago
Carve Outs vikram17000 9 tulkuu7 years ago
Ccy put option payoff vikram17000 3 vikram170007 years ago