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CFA Level III Forum

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Finally, I have become a CFA Charterholder J-H 11 ws11 years ago
Stalla books arrived bchad 1 Iwona pass11 years ago
WSJ announcement Jan 17 LIII in Tokyo 11 XSellSide11 years ago
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Have you found ... The Edge 7 itstoohot11 years ago
So, How was Dr. Kuhlman ? ponponpq 4 ponponpq11 years ago
F*** those subjective topics ws 16 ws11 years ago
I haven't cracked the books. ZGG 5 ZGG11 years ago
Schweser Q bank access twdavid 2 Dolomite11 years ago
suggested fixed income books? PtrainerNY 9 JoeyDVivre11 years ago
assets and business cycles peanalyst 1 indike11 years ago
Fixed Income Portfolio Management cfahead 5 The Edge11 years ago
Extra! Extra! ryguy904 5 wilier11 years ago
Is it me, or......... pimp 11 wilier11 years ago
schweser log-on aldo 1 rjs15711 years ago
Long weekend Jumpstart Mr.Good.Guy 1 Big Babbu11 years ago
Stalla L3 feedback biddu3 27 Iwona pass11 years ago
Road to Hedge Fund tenbagger 1 JoeyDVivre11 years ago
What should Jill do??? Hiya Turkiya 7 JoeyDVivre11 years ago
Easy CFAI Readings DirtyZ 3 DirtyZ11 years ago
stupid question freshginger 12 prockets11 years ago
CFAI Study Guides - Too Long?? PJStyles 21 Dolomite11 years ago
Any suggestions on how to move to trading from MO? exotic 4 Brad Pitt11 years ago
Utility Adjusted Return vs Roy's Safety First Measure BN 3 bchad11 years ago
You know what really stinks?? bigwilly 24 JoeyDVivre11 years ago
I got my material yesterday :) freshginger 1 corynaka11 years ago