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CFA Level III Forum

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Charter Measurements? DirtyZ 2 Deleted User
What were sore spots for Lvl 2? iregula 16 Deleted User
Level 3 candidates- Where are you from? sofianeB 115 guill
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Do you still Date before the exam? cfaone 30 bosigo
review ideas maratikus 2 Deleted User
Thoughts for the day... Black Swan 20 mumukada
Credit crisis cfa09 11 Deleted User
Current NPV of CFA charter? sterling76 28 wanderingcfa
Anybody else not started studying yet? bhill020 14 InfiniteMav
Golf and CFA badbeat88 14 Deleted User
I start studying this week. Heck yes! brother bilo 3 mwvt9
JDV & Quant Graduates Black Swan 7 bhill020
Reading 30 - Putables are for bearish investors? tsx11 6 pmoonoi
What does your GF do famosa 32 Mr.Good.Guy
Hours of study? Magix 23 ValueAddict
How long in the program? CPierce 18 Black Swan
how many of us passed LII ethics w/ just Schweser? ruins 24 mcpass
Discounts for CFA registration Qbanky 2 AllLevelsPass
ibanking boot camp a7m002 5 Deleted User
Level 3 candiates in Paris vrajaram77 1 Deleted User
Currency is driving me mad! Mandelbrot 10 cfasf1
LMAO!! AllLevelsPass 10 Blamey
GetSetGo Appreciation Thread Bankin' 11 McLeod81
Someone who passed L3.... please... Criticize/Comment/Complement my study strategy for the next 4 months IH8FSA 28 Magix
Can you consolidate the test your knowledge threads? PtrainerNY 2 GetSetGo